The UNJPPI launch of the Unsettling Goods campaign on December 3 is just a week away. Please participate as you can! Here's how:

Events happening across Canada
There are events happening in St. John's, Gander, Charlottetown, Halifax, Moncton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Nanaimo. If you are not aware of what is happening in your city and would like to participate, please email me ( Most events are taking place between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Be a one person campaign launcher!
If you would like to do something and are unable to participate on December 3 at noon, you can be a one person campaign launcher! UNJPPI has designed postcards for you to distribute. Just click on the links at the end of this message to download them. You can print them yourself or send the computer files to your local printer to make copies. Take them to your local retailer (like Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Walmart and The Bay, which all sell one or more settlement products) and hand them out to shoppers. Help spread the word that for peace to be achieved in Palestine and Israel, the illegal Israeli settlements must be removed and the Occupation must end.

Unsettling Goods - The Video
Tony Quarrington, a Toronto musician/songwriter, has produced a music video on "Unsettling Goods".  The video will be available within a few days on YouTube, in time for our December 3 launch. I'll notify you when it is ready, and provide a link to it.

Get your church involved
Inform your church about the Unsettling Goods campaign. Here is a sample bulletin announcement that you can adapt and get into your church bulletin this Sunday. Every congregation in Canada has received Unsettling Goods materials from the United Church General Council Office. Even if you don't have an UNJPPI event in your locale on December 3, inform your congregation of the campaign and let them know how they can participate. The link to the UCC Unsettling Goods web site is:

Bring copies of the sample letters from the UCC web site and encourage your congregation to sign and send them as directed by the UCC web site. You can also bring copies of the postcards attached below and distribute them to members of your congregation.

Advent is a great time to remind people of the need to work for peace, and more than that, to actually do something for peace. Let's lead by example. Every action counts. 

Postcard 1 - Wise Men at the Wall in Bethlehem
Postcard 2 - 4 panel map "disappearing Palestine"
Postcard 3 - Boycott SodaStream
Postcard 4 - Boycott SodaStream/Keter/Ahava


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