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Palestine/Israel Media Watch
Feeling frustrated, alone and helpless when you read Canadian media about Israel and Palestine?  If so, then you may want to join together with others across the country to share and learn as we work to hold our media accountable.
An Israeli policeman collects evidence next to the body of an Israeli soldier killed in a stabbing attack at a West Bank petrol station near Jerusalem, on Nov. 23, 2015. (Mahmoud Illean/Associated Press)
What does this image say to you?  Why was it used with Michael Enright's interview with Ron Rosenbaum?(CBC, The Sunday Edition, January 10, 2016)
Dear Anne;

UNJPPI members have noticed that the Canadian media is not always “doing fair” reporting of events happening in the Middle East, in particular around Palestine and Israel. Thus, a Media Watch group is being formed.
We hope you can be part of this.  In particular, if you watch certain media, and find yourself frustrated by what you read about Israel-Palestine, you may want to join with other individuals from across the country.  As you know, it certainly can be lonely trying to respond to media on their coverage about Israel-Palestine, and so the hope is that we can come together sharing in monitoring and working together in our responses.
This effort is created with the recognition that by educating the media, we are also educating the public because they will get more accurate and fair reporting about the issues in Palestine-Israel. By naming the concerns, we show that we are monitoring and holding media accountable for balanced, accurate reporting.
Sometimes wrong or inappropriate words are used, sometimes reporting is done from a particular bias, sometimes the reporter does not give a context for a particular event that is being reported, and sometimes the reporter does not know the situation well enough to give a context. Thus, this group has been formed to both monitor the media and follow up with the media with a focus on education/providing accurate information.
Those interested in being part of this media watch initiative are invited to join the group.  You also may wish to encourage others, including friends of UNJPPI, who may have interest.  We already have had interest from Independent Jewish Voices and individuals in other groups, and from people across the country.  We look forward to building a network that can support each other, as we share and learn together
What is required, if you are interested in being part of the UNJPPI Media Watch—just message Karen Rodman on Facebook or email at to let her know if you are interested, including what media you usually are reading/listening to and could regularly monitor.  Training (by Skype or other) will be arranged by Kathy Bergen to support our efforts.
We are currently using a closed Facebook group for the monitoring and tracking the response, however, if you are interested in participating and not on Facebook, we can talk about how you also could participate.
We know there are a lot of people, writing some excellent letters to editors and other venues, and so we are hoping we can combine our energies and let media hear from more of us.
Also, we will evaluate our learning, and share these with the UNJPPI network in the coming months.

The Media Watch Working Group
Karen Rodman
Kathy Bergen
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