Welcome to the July issue of The Ripple Effect.
"Welcome to this month’s Link Letter.
Once again, tuning into the latest reports from Forbes, HBR, Entrepreneur and Fast Company has great value. In our client work, whether it be data on leadership, communications or employee engagement, our research frequently points to the” leverage of leadership”; their communications content, channels and sense of business community. Often, even great leaders need reminding of their enormous influence over their people and their communities.
Our first HBR article reminds us of the power in identifying with employee emotions and sense of a common purpose. Referred to as “multi-vocal leadership” it identifies the need to speak the multiple languages of our colleagues. The next slice of wisdom from Entrepreneur continues this theme of communications with a checklist every leader can benefit from. Forbes’ many articles remind us of the need for leaders to strike a balance between their ego and their audience – essentially that our audiences are smarter that we think. In spotting the difference between authenticity and automatic pilot in our presentations and communications Fast Company helpfully have pointed out that many companies continue to resist the power of engagement and their penalties for doing so.

We hope you enjoy this month’s reads."

Vernon Bryce, Consulting Director, ENGAGE

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