Welcome to the May issue of The Ripple Effect.
"Welcome to this month’s Link Letter. Reading across our chosen articles this month, a strong theme emerges around business purpose. As our Melcrum article highlights, dialogue within businesses around “purpose” (why are we here?; what is our mission? etc.) have increased exponentially in recent years. We think this is for a good reason. All our research shows that employees have an increasing need to understand the core purpose of the organisation for which they work in order to feel fully engaged. This is reflected in several of this month’s articles in different ways. For example, in our McKinsey article on ascending to the C-Suite, research shows that creating a shared vision and alignment around a firm’s strategic direction is seen as the most vital element of a successful CEO transition. Without a purpose to focus this vision and strategy around, this simply will not be possible. Equally, in Josh Bersin’s article about the engagement crisis in IT, he finds that, while IT professionals do feel that their own goals are clear and easy to understand,  they also feel somewhat behind in the translation of their goals into overall company strategies. Again, improved clarity about the purpose of an IT function within the broader business context would help enormously to start tackling this engagement crisis.

We hope you enjoy this month's reads."

Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE

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