Welcome to the April issue of The Ripple Effect.
Welcome to this month’s Link Letter.
There’s a strong theme across four of this month’s articles around the interplay of leadership, technology and employee engagement in the digital age. Our first Forbes article demonstrates the kinds of leadership behaviour which can have a direct impact on innovation. For example, sponsoring experiments within the business to ensure long-term returns on investment. By reference, this then leads to enhanced engagement. Meanwhile, our first McKinsey article explores how firms can best deploy technology in order to get the right balance between improved outcomes such as efficiency and more rapid change while maintaining levels of employee engagement.
Our second McKinsey article then looks at the direct influence that technology itself can have on employee engagement levels. For example, we see how digital labour platforms can help to improve recruitment, personalise on-boarding and training and thereby enhance engagement. Our final Forbes article then gives some great examples of how these approaches are being used within firms – looking at the use of techniques such as digital learning maps within American Electric Power (AEP).
The key lesson? Only by proactively managing both leadership behaviours and technology implementation (the softer and harder sides of the equation) can we ensure that we will maintain engagement in the digital era.
We hope you enjoy this month’s reads.
Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE
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