Welcome to the November issue of The Ripple Effect.
"Welcome to this month’s Link Letter.
We have an interesting pair of articles this month which I think capture a couple of themes in employee engagement which organisations and leaders are still struggling with. Our McKinsey article on gender equality in the workplace asks the reader why progress has been so slow when the business case for drawing on the potential of all employees and creating an environment where everyone can succeed is so well established. Indeed the four solutions outlined are becoming a bigger part of companies’ explicit engagement strategies. In particular, we often see leaders role-modelling the behaviour changes that they’re asking their employees to make as a powerful driver of engagement.

Meanwhile there has been much written lately around the end of the traditional performance review. Our HBR article explores what happens when performance ratings are removed, looking across a sample of 33 companies. It’s an interesting observation, although perhaps not too surprising, that key engagement behaviours increase, including not only a great number of manager-employee interactions, but also better quality conversations that are more focussed on goals and development.

Enjoy this month’s reads."

Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE

Leadership engagement

Great piece on the CEO's guide to gender equality: Good read from Fortune on why leaders need self-awareness: Really interesting piece on which jobs could end up being done by a robot (including that of a CEO!): Employee engagement

And another piece from McKinsey on the likely impact on the workplace of automated working: Nice piece on building a high performance culture: Interesting blog on the impact of companies removing traditional performance reviews: Communications engagement

Interesting piece on how HR need to take a lead in getting honest conversations back into organisations: Good read from Melcrum on making sure you use purpose as part of your EE/IC strategy: Nice blog on how to communicate about a growth midset to employees:
And one infographic on Entrepreneur's first Top Company Cultures list...
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