Welcome to the March issue of The Ripple Effect.
"This month’s Link Letter articles have one strong thread between them:  the role of leadership in driving engagement and performance. We get to hear about a number of fundamental truths:
  1. Senior leaders play a huge role in influencing how good leadership and management traits are at every level in the organisation. Role modelling from the top is vital if you want deep engagement throughout the business.
  2. Middle managers are the vital link in this chain: their day-to-day behaviours and influence have a huge impact over what employees see is valued, supported and recognised inside the organisation.
  3. The way all leaders communicate is vital to ensuring change both lands and sticks within any business. This facet of leadership is now just as important as strategic thinking, creating a strong vision for the firm or influencing investors.
  4. And, finally, even the most senior leaders need mentoring themselves if they are to stay engaged with the job and perform in the role. It can be lonely at the top but finding veteran mentors to guide them along the way can be hugely valuable.
 We hope you enjoy this month’s reads."

Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE

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