Welcome to the September issue of The Ripple Effect.
"Welcome to this month’s Link Letter.
In the leadership section this month, there is a great suite of articles which, between them cover almost the whole range of leadership challenges in modern organisations. The HBR piece on CEO turnover and company performance suggests that, in reality, even the greatest leadership cannot be the panacea for a business with no underlying competitive advantages – a stark reminder. However, it also suggests that, in such a tightly competitive environment nowadays, even marginal improvements in leadership effectiveness can be effective in firms who do have those competitive advantages. Three of our other articles can help leaders prepare for, build credibility in and succeed in the complex business environments of today.

The Fast Company article on the six habits of aspiring leaders focuses on planning ahead and developing skills for the next role (not just for your current one). The piece on building credibility looks at how leaders need to work on real basics such as integrity and sound judgement to build trust once in leadership positions. And, finally, the HBR infographic suggests a number of areas where leaders need to excel in order to leverage the opportunities in our current, complex business landscapes.
We hope you enjoy this month’s reads."

Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE

Leadership engagement

Nice piece from Fast Company on the six habits of aspiring leaders: Interesting piece on CEO turnover and company performance: Good piece on how leaders can build credibility: Employee engagement

Nice short piece from Head of HR at Google on two things to do to keep your best people: Good summary piece on the current debate around making changes to performance management systems: Good review of firms with engaging company cultures: Communications engagement

Great case study on TD Bank's use of internal social media: Nice piece on sharing employee experiences and top storytelling tips: Interesting short piece on ways to optimise employee advocacy programs using social media tools:
And one infographic...
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