Welcome to the August issue of The Ripple Effect.
"Welcome to this month’s Link Letter.
Our lead article this month looks at new research which presents some pretty stark findings. EdelmanENGAGE’s “State of Engagement 2015” report is based on interviews with over 560 senior HR and communications professionals from across the globe. It looks at how companies are performing around engagement after 25 years of effort by HR and IC functions. It suggests that engagement is still too tactical and not strategic enough within businesses. It finds that the work being done is often too focused around building a “great place to work” and not enough around engaging your people with serving customers well or with delivering on your business strategy. The research also shows that many engagement surveys are simply over-reporting the actual level of engagement within the workplace – companies know this but are doing relatively little to get a more accurate picture and understand how to improve. In addition, many employees feel all the energy goes into the survey itself and there’s relatively little real change in the business once the results are back. Finally, it shows that focusing actions in two areas is providing the most leverage by a long way: it’s all about how you lead and how you communicate.

We hope you enjoy this month’s reads."

Dr Andy Brown, CEO, ENGAGE

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