Newsletter #3, Apr 2015: Dear Janet
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Dear Janet

I spent most of March and early April with artist block. It makes me feel lame to talk about it, because I like projecting the professional image of being able to turn on the tap, and making art come out of it whenever I (or others) fucking please. 

Never stop making things - that is the worst thing to do. No matter what, you don't stop. I started taking short walks everyday, and did drawings on loose sheets of foolscap that I kept in a two-ring binder. Whenever I get blocked, I abandon the art quality materials and go back to the school stationary I used as a kid.
One day I wrote this to my friend Janet Lilo in New Zealand. She is a very great artist. We haven't seen each other in 6 years, but looking at her work on the internet comforts me and kicks my ass at the same time. 

You might want to look at it too:

I love you, Janet. 

Latest Updates

I contributed two handsewn banners to The Art of Giving: Nobody Gets Left Behind, a fundraising exhibition for SEED Foundation, which runs a community center for the urban poor and marginalized of Chow Kit. The government cut off their funding late last year. 

The show was a success, but SEED is still very much in need of donations. They have over 9000 registered clients. In 2013, they served 35,000 people. 
You can contribute by banking in directly to Pertubuhan Pembangunan Kebajikan dan Persekitaran Positif Malaysia, CIMB Acc. 8006999903.

More about SEED and The Art of Giving: The Heat, The Star, MalayMailOnline
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"My feminism has been an uncertain thing, a path in the darkness, burning my doubt like a candle to find the way. My mother led me to books, to Ursula’s books, which led me to feminism, which led me back to my mother’s silence and my father’s pain – a circular journey, leading out and back again, searching for ways to get out from under the power that holds things as they are. I have been led all my life, and I have followed, am still following, searching for the key and the door that leads to freedom."

Essay version of the talk I gave at Performing Gender, a panel discussion held at Black Box, Publika on 11 April 2015.
Sneak peek of the first story for 'In The Land That Never Was Dry', my illustrated journalism project about water issues in Malaysia, soon to be published on Poskod. Follow on Tumblr or Instagram for more (if you want). 

The Unseen Files

In this section, I’ll put a drawing or a piece of writing that I won’t post anywhere else online, now or in the future. 
Self portraits in fire (火) and water (水). 
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