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is the name of the campaign calling on the Constitutional Convention to progressively review the definition of the family in the Irish Constitution. Our existing Constitution does not recognise the diversity of families in Ireland today. If you or anyone you know is a member of a one-parent family, a foster family, a same sex parents family or any family type that is not a 'traditional' marital family, then our Constitution does not offer you or them equality, protection or recognition. This has to change so that all families feel equally valued and respected in Ireland.

Time is short. We need your help. We've been told that this topic is on the shortlist but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be reviewed. Numbers really do count, and the more voices are raised, the better the likelihood of success. 
We need the largest amount of people possible to make a submission to the Convention or to attend a meeting and make their voice heard. Details are below, as is the schedule of upcoming meetings of the Convention which are free and open to the public to attend.

You can also learn more about One Family's response to Budget 2014 below.

Take Action

Please help to ensure that our Constitution is reviewed and amended to demonstrate that Ireland is a country where all families really do matter.

Make your own submission to the Convention today, telling them why you want them to review the family in the Constitution. It takes only a couple of minutes to do. A sample submission, which you can adapt for your own use, is available to download here. You can directly upload your submission to the Convention here

You can attend a regional meeting of the Convention and tell them you would like them to review the definition of the family. Details of meetings can be found here with the next one in Monaghan Education Campus on Monday 25 November, followed by the Strand Hotel, Limerick on Wednesday 27 November.

Budget Response

We are deeply disappointed by the removal of the One Parent Family Tax Credit and the cutting of Maternity Benefit at the higher rate. On the changes to the One Parent Family Tax CreditStuart Duffin, our Director of Policy and Programmes, stated: “Claimants of the One Parent Family Tax Credit are working Mums and Dads who are committed, responsible parents participating in a successful arrangement with their child’s other parent for the well-being of their child. This is an in-work support and the kind of mechanism that needs to be in place to deliver Pathways to Work, a cornerstone initiative of the Government’s recovery programme. Ultimately it is children who will be impacted with less money to go round in already hard hit families.” Read our budget reaction press releases here (15 October), here (17 October) and here (7 November).

This short One Family Stories video shows why we support one-parent families.  
One Family believes in an Ireland where every family is cherished equally, and enjoys the social, financial and legal equality to create their own positive future.
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