January 19, 2019
Hello Beautiful People!

If I haven't seen you already this year, I hope it is off to a good start! I'm feeling very positive and it's about more than just my little nomination to the Alignable Small Business of the Year (which is fun!). If you happen to be an Alignable user, I'd appreciate your vote!

2019 has a few themes in the pipeline:
Upper body strength
Balance and Harmony
Respect for the Earth
Going fast on the outside while being quiet on the inside

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, I would love to have you respond to this email with a sentence about which one and why. When it comes to sacred geometry, patterns and themes affect people and communities who live and act within a shared space. We know this with bees, with trees in a forest, with our thoughts and emotions, and much more. Let's connect the dots in our coherent constellation and make our community stronger than ever, in all ways. 

Happy New Year - make it the best one yet!
With Love,

In this Newsletter:

Upper Body Strength: Class Opportunity!

In my research about the evolution of human movement, one thing stands out: humans of the past used to get a whole lot more upper body movement than modern ones. I notice patterns of behavior as people flow in and out of my studio all day and one of them is that we all need more upper body movement nutrients!

Ancient martial arts, centuries-old traditions in moving energy and mass, hold many interesting keys to whole body movement - which is why Juliu Horvath, the creator of the Gyrotonic Expansion System, studied Qi Gong and added elements to many of his sequences. 

When you participate in Gyrotonic, or Qi Gong, or other martial arts, you have to use your whole body and - at the beginning anyway - you might find some sore muscles in areas that aren't used to "pulling their own weight."

I've had the pleasure of re-starting a kung fu class with my daughter. My son has taken kung fu with Richard Barr at the Energetic Arts Center in Atascadero for the last three years and has benefitted in many ways. While his body is in the most dynamic growth phase of his life, he is learning to ground and center his energy and use his strength in powerful (and empowering) ways.

The day after my first class back, I was moving through my routine when I realized my arms were sore.
"What's this?" I thought, "what have I done?"
And I realized; defending oneself takes upper body strength that I hadn't used in a while!

Are you looking for ways to move your upper body strength? Of course I invite you to join our Qi Gong class on Wednesdays at 9am with Cameron West, or one of our Gyrotonic group classes. In addition, I'd like to extend the invitation to kung fu at the Energetic Arts Center - no too far from our studio! All ages and abilities welcome.


Take a class!

Respect for the Earth

Tree Planting and Heritage Trees

Plant more trees in 2019!
This autumn's acorns have sprouted with the rain! 
Last year's babies are going to new homes! If you have a very special location worthy of a glorious valley oak, please let me know. TreeSisters are standing by to turn plans into action. We have a couple of potential sites located and more saplings to adopt out. 

Baby oaks do have some requests when it comes to location - think of where they sprout spontaneously on their own and take root. A healthy acorn will fall within a certain range beneath the understory of a woodland that may be densely or sparsely forested. They will not survive in disturbed/cultivated/agricultural soil. They prefer the soil and leaf litter (which contains the fungi/mycorrhizal information) of genetic relatives, but this may include cousins further from their parent oak (think when a bird relocates an acorn). 

If you do not already have any oak trees to use as surrogate parents, saplings will survive best in groups and being planted with some of the soil and leaf litter from their homesite. They need regular water, with summer restrictions but still infrequent, deep watering, for the first 5 years until their tap root is deep enough for them to survive on their own. They also need protection from deer and gophers. 

Do you want to plant trees with others? Educate people about the economic and climate benefits of preserving heritage trees? The SLOCO Heritage Tree Foundation is looking for passionate Tree Brothers and Sisters. If you feel called to help out, please contact me. Our first meeting of 2019 will take place on January 30th.

Balance and Harmony

Matters of the Heart (a timely preparation for Valentine's Day!)

How do you calm your mind?
According to the HeartMath Institute, your heart's intuitive intelligence is your path to a personal and global coherence. Your heart affects your mind. Your heart and mind affect others.
Do you know what tool we have to unite the heart intelligence and the mind for a calming, healthful result?


Rhythmic drumming shifts brain waves into the 3-12hz range, which is closer to human resonance with mind-body-heart-emotion-spirit alignment.
The HeartMath Institute explains, "the more heart coherent we are, the greater the resonant energetic connection we have with people, within ourselves, and with nature. This enhances individual and collective intuitive discernment for solving social, environmental and global problems."

Being in coherence shifts consciousness from instability and chaos to balance and cooperation. 

Join us for heart-mind-community coherence at our next drumming meditation, Monday, February 4th at 6:30pm. A $10-20 donation is requested as we support our neighbor ECHO Shelter for the homeless. No one turned away for lack of funds. 
Join our meditation event!


Just Do It

If you want to feel better, have less pain, lose weight, be stronger, have better balance, or see have to practice what you want more than you practice what you don't want. Your piano teacher was right! If you want to get better at piano, you have to practice piano! You don't practice a golf swing and expect to be better at piano, right? Reaching your goal means working on your goal with commitment.

Sounds easier than it we offer lots of opportunities for you to practice your body goals at Symmetry in Motion. What you do in our movement "lab" is important, but what you do OUT of our "lab" is even more important. 

Our Three Pillars Strong program is off and running! Many people have expressed interest in it being offered again, at another time of day. It is the perfect program to commit to a goal and achieve it with the support and feedback from regular classes, community, and keeping track of your improvements. If you missed it this time but want to catch it when we start the next session, click below so you can be the first notified. 
Commit to strength

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