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June 20, 2019
Greetings at the Summer Solstice!

Our summer favorites series is under way starting TOMORROW at 9am! You'll definitely love this month's breath work. It'll calm your mind and body as you tap into the source of relaxation in the nervous system. You can take it with you on all your summer travels!

See you at the studio!
With Love,

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Healing News

This video clearly illustrates the muscles stimulated or activated when doing basic human things like walking! As bi-peds, we are miracles of function, transfering a ground force through our body and dispersing the excess with our arm swing. When part of the spiral chain becomes confused, injured, or otherwise dysfunctional, we experience a chronic degradation of part of that line until pain sends a signal that something is wrong. However, the pain we feel may NOT always be in the location of the dysfunction! It is simply a way for our nervous system to alert us that something is not as it should be. If we don't treat the root of the dysfunction, the pain will not go away. Isn't that amazing?

Walking and Dancing the Spiral Line

Gyrotonic movement stimulates the spiral lines of the body. Rhythmic breathing and moving with attention to opposition anchors the nervous system in powerful ways to allow for relaxation and strength simultaneously.  

Rhythm in the human gait can be disrupted by any number of things. Once disrupted, the nervous system quickly acts to compensate because for humans, being able to walk is very closely aligned with being able to survive. Your nervous system is very smart and ultimately trying to help you out. However if those compensations go unchecked, they become habit! 

How do you smooth out the potholes in your spiral lines? The answers are uniquely individual, just like you. Attend a class or private session to find out!


Calendar News

Special Summer Sessions!

These are the FAVORITES - the movements that just feel so good.
One class per month that you won't want to miss!
Mark your calendar for 
June 20th at 9am: an exploration of breath
July 12th at 9am: an exploration of the pelvis, hips, and shoulders
August 23rd at 9am: 60 minutes Gyrokinesis

$15 each class

 the very popular 3 Pillars Strong program!
Registration starts in August.
Registration Required! Sign up Now!
New Moon Medicine Drum
July 2 is the new moon and also a total solar eclipse in parts of the world.
Join us at 7pm for a deep meditation. $10-20 donation this month benefits Atascadero Native Tree Association! if you have a drum you'd like to bring, please do!

Earthing News

Summer Solstice = Flip Your Mattress!

In the winter months, we are encouraged to check emergency supplies, change batteries in our smoke detectors, and do an earthquake drill. But what does summer get?
It's time to flip your mattress! I'm not sure is this actually a thing, but I made it up to help me remember when to flip. (I also change the air filter in my furnace! It is a good time to do so after the spring pollen.)

You might be surprised that aches and pains in the morning might be easy to fix with a change of your sleeping space. It doesn't necessarily mean you need a new mattress, but you do need to change things up so your body experiences new positions and pressures as you sleep. Not only will it help your mattress last longer, but you will sleep better and awaken with more bounce. You can turn it 180 degrees, and you can flip it over altogether. Either way, it allows your body the chance to relax in a slightly different place than before. Try it out and flip with me!

Time for a Survey! 

Alternatives to Health Insurance Survey!

A question I get a lot at Symmetry in Motion is, "do you take health insurance?" 

There are several reasons I do not take health insurance, but I do provide invoices for people who use a health savings account. HSAs can help pay for private sessions but not everyone has an account. I've been looking at some other options for my students and have created a survey to help me learn more. It would be very helpful if you would just take a few minutes to fill out this short survey. 

I try to keep my overhead as low as possible, yet I also strive to provide the highest quality education for my students. I'm really proud of the unique services offered at Symmetry and I would really appreciate hearing some feedback from you! Thank you for your loyalty - and your dedication to your health!
Take the Survey!

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School is out! Activity Blog

I knew my daughter was stressed and unhappy in school, but it wasn’t until school was out for just a couple of days, that I heard her laugh and I thought, “Oh my gosh, my daughter is back!” She had slowly slipped away over months of being caged in a classroom, under the heavy load of academic overwhelm, social and emotional overstimulation, and physical boredom. But summer is here, and she is her sunshiny self again...what will we do this summer to support her?
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