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It's time to go within.

Approaching the winter solstice, shortening days, bare trees, wintery temperatures (and dare I say a little hope for more rain) means everything natural is going within. Humans don't have much reason to get quiet and dark any more, what with our electricity and 24-hour access to pretty much whatever we want. The reason has to be that our nature calls us to find our own "within". 

In the space since our last New Moon Meditation much has happened in the US, in the world, and in my life. I am gripped with the need to go to the inside of each moment, to connect or hook up to the wellspring of life as it binds us all together. Through the years, I have pulled away from shallow holiday "traditions" that offer little more than a waste of resources or time - both of which are too precious to be disrespected. 

My new moon drum meditation has been a regular and favorite way for me to give back to my beloved community, an offering to the world for which I asked nothing in return. Yet I have grown to understand that a white woman offering a free event demeans the paid labor of women of color long engaged in similar work. 

So this month, I'm going to do things differently, as I am sure I will do again and again, for nothing in nature remains static except death. 

This month, I am inviting you (you are my FAVORITE PEOPLE I tell you!) to join with me in a quiet celebration of our connection. A celebration of our love for one another. A celebration that life just keeps on keeping on - in one way or another. And I am going to ask you to bring a monetary donation which will be given to the people of Paradise, CA in solidarity with them in their loss. You may also bring an unwrapped toy for our Toys for Tots donations, giving joy to a child in need. 

So many people need our love this year. Maybe it is you or someone you know. Let's come together, go within to the source of all love, and be willing to give from our hearts in whatever way we can. I hope to see you on December 6th. Bring a friend! Thank you for celebrating with me.

Please note: Studio Cancellation Policy

We have saved an hour in the schedule just for you and we have created a studio schedule to meet student needs as well as the needs of the instructors who have families and commutes. We all have busy lives that need to be run efficiently and thus we have always requested that you give us as much advance notice as possible when changes arise. We thank you for your support. 
  • Cancellations made 48-24 hours in advance will incur a 1/2 session charge
  • Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will be charged in full
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