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September 18, 2018

Only 3 more days until the first day of Autumn!

As you might imagine, I have been pretty blissed out by the cool and even foggy mornings. The acorns are falling and I have noted their activity with the first donning of my acorn necklace, a gift from my sister that only comes out when it is acorn time. 

Those seasonal changes are exciting enough for me, but there's more! The last week of August was my second anniversary at Morro Road. My "Gyro tribe" gathered to help me celebrate at the New Moon. This month, I welcome Gyrotonic trainer Beckett Emerald to our studio. She joins me and Deb Perkinson as Gyrotonic group class and personal instructors. I feel so, so lucky to have an amazing team of teachers at Symmetry In Motion. I enjoy the quiet of teaching one-on-one, but I would be lonely as an instructor if I didn't have a family of colleagues. Read more about Beckett below!

See you at the studio!
Happy Anniversary, Symmetry In Motion!

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Healing News

Meet Beckett

     Come study with Beckett on Mondays from noon until 5pm. She's teaching our Gyrotonic group class and holding private sessions.
     Beckett Emerald Sky grew up in Southern California and New York City and attended the Idyllwild School of Music and Art to study ballet and modern dance with the Bella Lewitzki Company. She was also a competitive ice skater, having a fascination and love for graceful, expressive movement. Her first love of movement came from being in nature and feeling the joy of the sun, the wind and the ocean and trees which moved her to start dancing!
     Beckett has an MFA degree in dance and has trained and taught Yoga, Pilates and Gyrotonic all over the world. Before relocating to beautiful San Luis Obispo, Beckett was living in Florence, Italy, where she lived a lifelong dream of studying oil painting and art restoration. Her Gyrotonic and teaching practice became all the more essential to maintain open channels of giving and receiving and energy flow. During challenging times in her life, including several car accidents and dance injury trauma, life upheavals and personal losses, the Gyrotonic Method has been a friend to her that has kept her mentally, physically and emotionally alive, strong and true to her core. A long and profound healing process took place over 10 years which brought her back from being unable to walk, to competing in triathlons and 10K races, and returning to ballet performance. But this was more than a healing of joints and muscle movement, it was a reconnection through the nerve tissue to the source of movement with the mind and breath that restructured her into a greater living expression of herself then she had known. She discovered firsthand that what the Gyrotonic(R) Method claims to do for you, it does so powerfully! 
     Beckett is a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis trainer and Pre-Trainer (a teacher trainer) and she continues to explore ballet, hiking, swimming, surfing and anything involving a celebration of nature and life through movement. Her favorite teachers are animals, they are the inspiration for so many of these exercise systems, because of their natural ease in their bodies and instinctive grace, power and individuality.
     Beckett is truly delighted to meet you and help you to feel your best, with confidence, energy, joy and peace and to live in a body you love!
Mondays: Kelly 9am - 2:30pm, Beckett noon - 5pm
Tuesdays: Kelly 9am - 5pm
Wednesdays: QiGong 9am, Deb 3pm - 6pm with class at 4pm
Thursdays: Kelly 9am - 2:30pm, Deb 3pm to 6pm, Yoga at 6:15
Fridays: Kelly 9am - 2:30pm with class at noon
Saturday: Group class with Beckett TBA
Meet Our Instructors
Private sessions available: schedule now!

Calendar News

Events Calendar

Saturday Class!

You asked, and we're ready to answer! Coming in October: Gyrotonic group class on Saturdays! Click below to be added to the class list (there are ONLY 4 spots available!) and reserve your tower now. Class cards can be purchased 5/$100. The Wednesday class at 4:00pm has just one tower left! 
Reserve your Tower


New Moon Drumming Meditation 

Monday, October 8th at 7pm
Mark your calendars so you won't miss out! This event is FREE to the community. Wear comfortable clothes. No drum necessary. 

Body Fluency Class 

As advertised, we're offering a wonderful day of practicing all the ingredients of the language of movement to make a happy body. Are you ready to become more fluent? Join us Wednesday, October 10th from 8:30am until 3:30pm. Light snacks will be provided. Cost: $155
Sign up now and reserve your space!

Meet our new neighbors!

Thank you Kelly, for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to your readers. My name is Dustin Garcia, I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. I am a father to 2 handsome boys, Maddoc & Owen, and a husband to my beautiful wife Jennifer. I grew up and went to high school here in Atascadero, some may even remember me as your sushi chef! After receiving my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, I knew I wanted to return to Atascadero and share this medicine with the community. I am passionate about this medicine and helping others. I look forward to meeting you! 
Dustin Garcia L.Ac.
Central Coast Family Acupuncture

Earthing News

Templeton Heritage Tree Update

     Trees are dropping their branches, offloading weight and nutrients they need at the end of a long hot summer. When branches fall onto the street or sidewalk, the tree can't recapture the nutrients and people clean up the "mess."  If you happen own land and are lucky enough to have oaks, leave the mulch where it lay. The tree will be healthier and happier for it. 
City Councils have been evaluating whether to permit large oak removals in favor of economic development. The problem is that our government definition of "economic development" does not include what is best for the environment and natural resources or the public good - only what is best for the "profit" of the city. That's 
extremely short-sighted and human-centric.
     A group of Tree Advocates from around the county gathered last week to discuss how to best serve the trees in our communities. We all share fears that too many large trees are being cut down, not enough are being planted in return, and frustrations that local governments won't change their behavior because they are controlled by the need for money. If you are interested in getting involved, click the button below.

I love trees too!

From The Blog 

Practice Spinal Motions at Home

Twice a day practice keeps the doctor away! 
Home Practice: side bending
Home Practice: spiraling
Read More

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