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From the Email experts: "It's good to talk!"
We have all seen those email conversations that just seem to go on for ever. Sometimes it's just between yourself and another person. Frequently, there are more people involved and focus can get lost quickly. In those cases, it is better to address the situation with a conversation.
Conversations help to eliminate assumptions and typically clarify a situation more effectively than a long chain of emails. They better enable participants to understand other perspectives as clarifications can be sought instantly and effortlessly. Conversations also reduce the risk of creating a one-issue discussion where there are multiple items that require attention.
So if you receive an email that you think is best addressed by a conversation with relevant others, schedule some time for this before things get out of hand.
Outlook Calendar users can quickly create invitations by dragging the email onto the Calendar button. This copies the information in the email to an appointment. Then just add details and invitees, and send off. Finish by checking for any other action items, then file the email.
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We are always keen to hear what works for email users and what doesn’t. Have you stumbled across something recently that you would have loved to see covered (better) in the Email Handyman workshop? Drop us a message and we’ll let you know how we would address it.
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