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Drop it when it's hot - Braintoss
Wouldn’t it be great to have all our tasks in one place? It would save us having to worry about the sticky notes on our screens, magnets on the refrigerator and voice messages requiring follow-up.
Email Handyman founder Richard Wolfe has developed Braintoss as a handy tool to capture all your thoughts and send them straight through to your Inbox.
Braintoss app

"Speak, snap or type your thoughts & Braintoss will send it to your inbox."
Braintoss helps you capture what you need to do or remember and sends it straight to your inbox. Now you can immediately get it off your mind without forgetting about it!
  • Remind yourself with one tap wherever you are;
  • Empty your brain on the spot;
  • Simply speak (driving), take a picture (business card) or type (conference);
  • And to make it even easier, Braintoss will try to transcribe your audio and turn your image into text.
Available for iOS and Android.
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