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How to write great emails
In an earlier one-minute message we talked about the impact your headline can have on effectively getting your message across. It’s not just the headline that counts; the text body is just as powerful a tool when used right.
3 tips
  • As much as possible, cover one issue or item per email. This makes it easier for the recipient to use the message in their own task folders as individual task items.
  • Be clear to yourself what the recipient needs to know and what you need from the recipient. Is that clear from the text? Don’t be afraid to be explicit about what you want the recipient to do. Emails get often read and processed in haste. The clearer yours is, the sooner and the better responses you’ll receive. Spending an extra minute on this is worth your while.
  • Email is not for prose or lengthy explanations. Consider this rule of thumb: keep your text within the size of your screen. As soon as your messages starts to scroll, wouldn't it be better to send a one-liner asking to discuss the topic over the phone (or keep it shorter ;).

Useful tip? If you know someone who can benefit from this tip (co-worker, friend, spouse or former colleague), feel free to share it with them by forwarding [Ctrl-F] this e-mail.

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