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Manage email templates from your 'Drafts' folder
If you regularly go to your Sent items to find text you wrote so you can re-use it for the same question from a different person, it is time to reduce repetition.

Many tools exist to do template building (and are even built in to email clients) but we have found them hard to use. Instead, we use the Drafts functionality to reach the same result. 

Note: in Gmail definitely check the feature called Canned Responses.
How to?
  • Create the template message with layout, a generic greeting and attachments if needed.
  • Put "FORWARD ONLY" as a recipient in the "TO" field.
  • Save the message to DRAFTS by clicking on the save icon (or [ESC] and save changes)
  • When you need to send such a message, go to your Drafts folder
  • Select the applicable FORWARD ONLY message and choose Forward [Ctrl+F] to open a copy of the draft
  • Replace FORWARD ONLY with the recipient's address, edit where needed and send [Ctrl+Enter]. 
By forwarding, you retain the original message in your Drafts folder and can make any specific edits in the version you want to send out. You will easily recognise your drafts thanks to the FORWARD ONLY fake recipient in the TO field. If you need to change to the template simply open the draft, make the changes and save again.

Know someone who can benefit from this tip (co-worker, friend, spouse or former colleague)? Feel free to share it with them by forwarding [Ctrl-F] this e-mail.
If you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.

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