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Bells 'n Whistles turn of notifications
Most email programs will tell you when a new email arrives, often in as many ways as possible so it surely doesn’t escape your attention.

Although it might seem smart to stay on top of the news as it comes in, it’s actually pretty counterproductive – each notification is distracting you longer than you realise from the task at hand. In the end, neither the email nor the thing you were working on is getting your full attention. It’s a lose-lose situation. So turn off your mail notifications, think of it as sanity security. The email will be there, waiting for you when you are ready to give it your undivided attention.
Let's do it!
Where relevant, we recommed to switch off all message arrival alerts, including sounds, mouse pointer changes, task bar envelopes and tempory preview pop ups..

In Outlook, go to File - Options - Email - When New Emails Arrive and untick all options.

This is also very much worth while on your phone, in a later tip we will talk about Urgent vs Non-urgent apps.

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