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Welcome to 21 Speedmailing Tips 'n Tricks
This is a series of one-minute messages designed to help you make the most of Speedmailing by Email Handyman. Together with the folders, the shortcuts and the weekly check, they complete your Speedmailing toolkit.

We’ll share these tips with you over the next few weeks. The tips serve two purposes:
(1) As a rerun of the tips explained in the workshops
(2) As a reminder to help you stick with the new daily habits.
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Here’s a reminder of how to get started with Speedmailing in three simple steps.
1. Create your Speedmailing folders

Right-click on your mailbox name in the folder tree, select “New Folder”.
Name your folders:
"Zipped folders"
2. Drag all your old folders to the folder “Zipped folders”.

Remember you are just hiding them from view. You can still access them, and, more importantly, the search function [Ctrl+E] can still find them just as fast. This action includes any folders you may have created for sent or deleted items.
3. Clear your inbox the first time using the Back From Holiday Crunch
  • Start sorting from the top, if an email can be done in 2 minutes park it for now in DO THIS WEEK.
  • Then use the Law of Getting Bored Twice:
    • 1st time bored: Go fishing for tasks with your mouse and move them to the correct action folder, leaving all other emails in your inbox.
    • 2nd time bored: Select all remaining messages in the inbox [Ctrl+A] and move them to FILED ITEMS [Ctrl+Shift+V, 1].
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