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The Postman Hat - Second Golden Rule
You probably get by now that Speedmailing is most effective in keeping you efficient when you are clear about the roles you play.

When you are in your Inbox, you are there for ONLY one reason: to empty the Inbox by sorting the messages to where they belong. Mentally, you are wearing your Postman Hat.

Use the Daily Decision Tree on your Email Handyman Tipbar as a reminder for Speedmailings's Second Golden Rule:
  1. Start at the top. Empty your Inbox one-by-one. No putting back! (First Golden Rule.)
  2. Second Golden Rule
    1. Immediately address any action for you that can be done in less than 2 minutes. You may need to look up some information from a system, check an old email or make a quick phone call. In many cases, people can surprise themselves with how much they can get done in two minutes, as long as they focus just on that particular task. 
    2. Be strict about the two minutes. If the message doesn’t fit that bill, decide where it belongs and sort it to that folder.
When your Inbox is empty, take off your Postman Hat and go back to work. 

By the way... You can wear your Postman Hat on the train using your smart phone - no one will notice. Honest!

Hats Off!
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