2015 Fall Adult Ed Photography Courses
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You love photography ... but don’t know where to begin.
You have a nice camera ... but don’t understand all the bells and whistles.
You want to learn more ... but it’s hard to find the time.

We hear you! With words like "megapixels" and "mirrorless" tossed around any photography-related conversation, it's easy to get overwhelmed by just looking at your camera.

But it doesn't have to be like this! With the convenient and affordable classes offered in our Fall 2015 Adult Ed program, we will get you and your camera pointed in the right direction, while helping you tune out all the non-essential noise. These classes are ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of photography, understand more about their camera, or are simply looking for a way to pursue their hobby without wreaking havoc on their schedule!

And don't let the name fool you ... these courses are open to young adults, actual adults, and "young at heart" adults!


Instructor: Marcy James
Cost: $75
Begins: October 7, 2015

How is it that two people can take a photo of the exact same thing at the exact same time, yet one of the images holds the viewers' attention longer? 

Creative composition! That's how!

This 4-session course taught by RMSP Education Coordinator Marcy James will introduce you to methods for achieving better composition in your photographs, regardless of subject. Marcy will touch on how selective depth of field, motion blur, leading lines, and angle can impact your images. 

This class is limited to 16 people.

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Photography Basics

Instructor: Sarah Ehlen
Cost: $95

Begins: October 12, 2015

This 6-session course covers topics including how to use f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO to achieve proper exposure, the basics of composition, photo equipment including cameras, lenses and tripods, as well as techniques for creating better nature images and photographs of people. A small portion of one class will introduce you to Adobe Lightroom, and how it can help you manage your ever-growing library of images. Each class will include lectures, demonstrations, Q&A, assignments, and image critiques by Sarah.

This class is limited to 16 people.

Register for Photography Basics Here

Beyond the Basics

Instructors: Forest and Sarah Chaput de Saintonge
Cost: $95
Begins: November 2, 2015

This 6-session course begins with a brief review of the topics taught in Photography Basics including ISO, f-stops, and shutter speeds. Then you will move on to more advanced topics such as the zone system for color, techniques for landscape photography, and an intro to night, portrait and documentary photography. Each meeting will include lectures, demonstrations, assignments, and (except for the first) image critiques by Sarah and Forest.

This class is limited to 16 people.

Register for Beyond the Basics Here

Introduction to
Adobe Lightroom

Instructor: Forest Chaput de Saintonge
Cost: $55 

Begins: December 1, 2015

During this 3-session entry level class – and in plain English – Forest explains how Lightroom works in order to help you make sense of your digital photo library, while introducing you to the landscape of this time-saving software. Starting by moving your images from your memory card to your computer or external hard drive, Forest then walks you through the Library and Develop modules, where the action happens!

This class is limited to 16 people.

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