Highlights from Cycling4Gaza's US Cycle
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Since 2013 we have raised over $450,000 for the REACH Gaza project in partnership with the Palestine Children's Relief Fund (PCRF). The funds were used to treat over 800 children through 24 international volunteer missions in Gaza. Through these funds, the PCRF was able to treat children that require vital medical attention. In depth reviews of the project will be available shortly, check out our Website and Facebook page over the coming weeks.
Cycling4Gaza's Arrival into Capitol Hill, Washington DC on the 22nd of Septmeber
A Few Words From Miral Alaraj, C4G Co-Leader
There’s always a lot of of curiosity from family, friends, supporters and new C4Gersabout what happens on the road once the wheels get rolling. Some imagine a group of extremely experienced, well trained, lycra-clad cyclists, zipping through in perfect peloton formations, while others cross their fingers and toes and hope that we just come back unharmed. The truth lies somewhere in between. Annie Robbins from Mondoweiss described Cycling4Gaza as the perfect example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and I can’t think of a better way to put it.
The Cycling4Gaza (“C4G”) rides always kick off on a Thursday with a team dinner and introductions. This year was no different with 40 cyclists dwindling in throughout the day from all over the world. Our welcome dinner this year was particularly memorable this year with the attendance of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (“PCRF”) Philly chapter, and of course Ahmad Abu Nammous, our 16 year old cyclist and PCRF patient from Gaza.
Friday the 19th September marked the 1st day of the ride. The route had us riding the 130km from Philadelphia to Lancaster. Things start quite early: quick and hearty breakfast, final bike checks, a team photo, a bit of nerves and a lot of excitement and we were on our way. It’s always tricky getting out of the big city with such a large group. Our tour operator Dave Walsh and his team from Best of VA Bike Tours did an excellent job at marking the route with unique postings for us to follow – however, unsurprisingly, some people got lost the first day (and the second day as well, won’t mention any names here!).
We usually spend most of the day, apart from breaks, on our bikes. A highlight of our rides is the time we get to spend with one another while cycling. I thoroughly enjoyed these stretches – meeting the other cyclists, learning about their own unique life stories. On the first day, right after our morning snack break, Ahmad got on the bike for the first time... [Continue Reading]
The Face of Gaza
By Tamara Ben-Halim, published in Mondoweiss

I’m stuck on a bus from DC to New York, and I feel claustrophobic. It’s been over five hours, and now that the bus is standing still in a dark tunnel, with traffic surrounding us every which way, it’s easy to feel overcome by a sense of confinement.

A few days ago, I was pedalling along on a bike from Philadelphia to Washington DC. The open spaces, small country roads, endless green fields and trees, and the overwhelming sensation of freedom, could not be more different to my surroundings right now.

I was part of Cycling4Gaza, a group of 40 people who were cycling to raise awareness and funds for Gaza. One of those 40 was a 16 year old boy from Gaza, Ahmed Abunammous. Ahmed was shot in the leg by an Israeli sniper last year, at the age of 15. His leg had to be amputated, and Ahmed was lucky enough to be treated by the tireless PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief) who flew him out to the US soon after to be operated on and fitted with a prosthetic leg. A year later, this time last week, Ahmed was cycling with us across the east coast, working his one leg nearly twice as hard as the rest of us.

One night, after we had arrived at a rest stop in Maryland, around 100km from our final destination of DC, we were talking to Ahmed about Gaza, eager to find out more about what life was like there. As Ahmed spoke casually about wars and violence, the demolishing of homes, the siege, and daily electricity blackouts, we were reminded that those theoretical words for us were a part of mundane daily life for people like Ahmed... [Continue Reading]

US Media Coverage: Cycling4Gaza in local FOX News

Benefit Bike Ride Raises Awareness for Gaza

Coverage by FOX43


Some activists are using their bikes to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Cycling4Gaza is the name of a group of volunteers that gathered dozens of cyclists from around the world to raise money for children’s health care in Gaza.

The cyclists rode through York on Saturday during their bike ride from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.

The war in Gaza has left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead and organizers say they wanted to use a a physical challenge to raise awareness about those dealing with the war... [Continue Reading]

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