Newsletter Circle Economy - September 2013 

The Netherlands: A Circular Hotspot 

With a vibrant network of modern cities and Amsterdam as the proud capital, the Netherlands is rapidly becoming a primary circular hotspot. For the 5th time in a row, Holland has been identified as the most globally connected country in the world by the DHL Global connectivity index. Technologies, initiatives and projects which can accelerate the transition are booming. This offers opportunities for scaling-up Holland as an international breeding place for circularity, attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at the same time. The Dutch have a long tradition of working with and not against nature and is characterised by cross-sector collaboration; two prerequisites for circular development. lees meer >

Circle Economy @ Closing the Loop
On October the 3rd, Circle Economy will facilitate a workshop; exploring circularity on a regional level based on our Circle Scan for cities/regions.

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Circular city #3: New models in Action 
Save the Date! We are co-organising an interactive evening with Pakhuis de Zwijger surrounding the sharing and leasing economy. 

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Staffing update 
Our staffing is continuously professionalizing. Meet the new Circle of Action. lees meer >


Liaison Meeting 
The overall purpose of these meetings is to stimulate contact between members, foster collaboration between them and provide a platform to exchange ideas.
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Economy needs Ecology

Circle of Consciousness member Louise Vet initiates two exciting events in October. 
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National day of Sustainability is a great opportunity to get together and engage you in the progress of the breakthroughs, get inspired and look on to next year!  lees meer >
All Hands on Deck!

This fall, we are moving to a cutting-edge co-working community in Amsterdam-North "De Ceuvel" ( Together, we are retrofitting discarded houseboats which will be placed onland on a polluted industrial brownfield. De Ceuvel will become a unique clean-tech playground and educational eco-haven.

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