Why you should avoid the most commonly used disinfectants and wound ointments
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Hi my dog lovers,

Today, I want to share a new blog post with you about wounds, incision and surgeries.

Almost every person and every dog have to deal with at least one surgery in a lifetime. One would assume a trivial thing like wound care would be pretty straight forward. What I find fascinating, and often frustrating, in medicine is that most people seldom question the status quo. Our society’s approach is to do what everyone else does. We do not question enough if the status quo seems to make sense.

Wound and incision healing is no exception.Click here to view image
When I started in veterinary practice, I worked with horses. Naturally, we dealt with many wounds and lacerations. What I noticed then was that horse skin healed beautifully when we kept the skin clean.  

The most common wound care was hydrotherapy, or rinsing the wound with copious amounts of water using a water hose. The wound margins were kept nice and clean and in a very short time, the wound would heal. 

1. One substance to avoid 

When I gradually started working with dogs and small animals, I noticed that many of my colleagues used chlorhexidine soap - a toxic substance. According to safety data sheets, chlorhexidine soap is also potentially carcinogenic. Some of you may know this soap under the brand name Hibitane.

Small animal practices widely use this soap and no one even thinks twice about its toxicity. Logically, if it kills bacteria via a chemical effect, it is toxic. For information, please read the safety data sheet here.

If you are not the type who likes to read technical documentation, all you need to know is that Hibitane is very hazardous when ingested and hazardous in the case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant) and when inhaled. 

To add to the list, the substance is toxic to (continue reading here).

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I hope you will find this blog useful!  My plan is to switch into a writing gear and tackle a few of the topics that you have requested.

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With gratitude,

Dr. D

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