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Hi my dear dog lovers,


I am back in Vancouver and I must say I love being here. Everything is so beautifully clean, the air is crisp and fresh and nature has put on fantastic displays of the most amazing flowers…


For years, I have been saying that if one is unsure what direction to take with health problems, the best way is to look to nature. Everything in nature is cyclic, from cells to organs, to the whole planet and even galaxies, we can observe the cyclic process of renewal. Microcycles that take seconds to macrocycles that take lightyears and your dog’s cleanse that only takes 30 - 60 days.


One of the most helpful ways of keeping your dog healthy is to get in to a regular routine - a tune up that I often call a Healing Cycle which consists of three simple steps:


  1. Detox/Eliminate
  2. Provide/Nourish
  3. Reset/Harmonize


Does your dog need a cleanse?


When you visit households of friends and relatives, you know that some places may appear tidy until you open the first drawer or a closet and you go OMG!!! The body is no different, a seemingly healthy looking dog may be full of toxins and impurities that will eventually fester to the surface. 


Not doing a regular cleanse is similar to never taking a garbage bin out. The body can cope for some time, but its cells and organs will gradually get more congested and less efficient.


That is why I have decided that in the course of the next few months, I will be sending you tips on how to keep your dog’s body A Clean and Lean Machine :-)


In order not to overwhelm you with too much information today, I will present you only with 

STEP 1-3  of our Clean and Lean Machine Program:


  • Use a liver cleanse product such as Livton to balance and detox the liver. If your dog has never been on a liver cleanse, give Livton for 60 days, if you have done cleanses before - 30-45 course is sufficient.  The cleanse comes in 2 sizes - 40 tablets and 120 tablets
  • Push out the heavy metals and toxins by providing the right plant based minerals. In contrary to the popular belief, mercury and other heavy metals appear to leave the body relatively fast if you provide the right “good minerals” that push toxic elements out. 
  • Clean sweep the digestive tract, spleen and the blood with supercharged chlorophyll.  Dogs instinctively know that eating grass rich in chlorophyll helps. Chlorophylls structure and composition is the closest to hemoglobin in red blood cells.
    • Chlorophyl neutralizes free radicals and toxins.  
    • It cleanses blood.
    • Its alkalizing properties are know to reduce the risk of cancer
    • It balances the digestive tract and the immunes system because the majority of the immune system function is localized in the gut. 


I take Chlorophyll myself especially if  I “misbehave” with my diet or when I travel to avoid digestive issues in countries known for dysentery and food poisoning.


That is all for today. Stay tuned for Skai’s p-mail on Sunday and if you have any questions about making your dog A Clean and Lean Machine, you can email us through the website here. 


Take care and happy cleansing!


Sincerely Yours,


Dr. Peter Dobias, DVM



PS:  If you are curious about what deficiency and toxicity levels your dog is hiding, You can use the HairQ test which is currently on sale. This test will also give you an idea about the Pituitary, Adrenal and Thyroid Gland function


BTW,  did you notice that acronym for a Clean And Lean Machine is CALM?!! The fun part part is that a cleanse makes your dog happy and C-A-L-M!

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