Another Fuller family move on the horizon.  Please pray with us.
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In the Midst of Your Doing
. . . Be Still!

Fuller Footprints 2015                                                                      April 2015
Dear Family and Friends,
“Be still and know that I AM God!”  Psalm 46:10
This has been a favorite verse of mine for most of my life, but there are certain times when I notice it more.  Usually, these are the times when I am least likely to be still or when there is the most upheaval in our lives.  This is one of those times.

For the moment, there hasn’t been a lot of change in our lives; David continues as Mobilizer and Missions Coach with TeachBeyond, working with teachers called to serve overseas. Kerry continues working part time at Once Upon a Child, though under new management.  David Zac will graduate in June and take a year off before university and Rianna and Caleb continue in their classes.  Rianna has also accepted a summer job at Joy Bible Camp and is ‘beyond’ excited about it.  Rachel continues at home with Inara, but Nick has left his job at Tyndale and is now working in Mobilization with SIM.  Cameron has finished another year at Tyndale, but has been invited by Rebekah’s parents to visit them for the summer and work in Prince George, BC.  We have enjoyed getting to know Rebekah this year as their relationship has developed while studying at Tyndale.
Cameron and Rebekah before they headed out to BC for the summer.
Caleb was selected Student of the Month for April in his grade 4 class.
Although there have been many Canadian inquiries with TeachBeyond, and David is currently working with 5 teachers who are going overseas for August, our support remains low and we are beginning to dip into a deficit with SIM. In our last letter we mentioned that we were asking God about the possibility of David returning to a teaching position.  David prepared the documents needed and began to ask at different schools and contact various school boards, but teaching positions are hard to find, especially for secondary English teachers. Although he has sent out some feelers and applications, no positions have come up yet.  David has also enrolled in an Additional Qualification Course (April – June) to improve his standing with the Ontario College of Teachers and allow him to teach Drama.

All this uncertainty has complicated our rental agreement which came due for the beginning of April, as we don’t want to commit to another year here until we know if we will need to move for a teaching position. This last Saturday, our landlady informed us that they will be selling the house and we will need to move out by August 1st.  So we will be moving again this summer.  At this time, we do not know what direction to go or where to begin our search, but we do know that we need to keep our eyes focused on God.  In the midst of this uncertainty and the upheaval of another move our human inclination is to do something to find the answers to so many questions. But in the midst of our doing, God is also telling us to “Be still”, and as it says in Psalm 37:9, “wait patiently for Him”.
Please pray for:
  • The teachers who are preparing to go overseas to teach, and David as he coaches them through the many changes they face.
  • Strength to “Be Still” and patience to wait for God’s timing and direction
  • The right job if David is to return to teaching or the needed financial support if we are to remain with our roles in SIM and TeachBeyond.
  • our children who will be facing their 5th move in 6 years.
  • Rianna and Caleb who may be entering their 5th school in 6 years
  • David Zac who is taking a year off before University and will need to find a job.  Without knowing where we will live, he is uncertain about where to look.
  • Cameron as he is making decisions about schooling for next year and will have to consider different housing options.
  • Rachel, Nick and Inara as they will be looking for housing near SIM in Scarborough.
These three lovely women organized a surprise party for David's 50th birthday.
Three generations of David Fuller's.
Nick and Rachel were one of nine couples dedicating their children to the Lord on Sunday, April 26th. It was special to have people from both sides of the family supporting them and celebrating Inara Jubilee Smale.
The song we used to sing around the campfire echoes in my head and reminds us that “because he lives we can face tomorrow, because he lives all fear is gone, because we know he holds the future, and life is worth the living just because he lives.”  We grow our trust when we face uncertain times, because we focus our eyes on Him and not the unknowns.  Maybe in our humanity, we can’t say that all our fear is gone just yet, but we can continue to hold to the truth that nothing takes God by surprise, not even our upheavals and uncertainties.

We value your prayers, as we have for many years, and thank you for taking the time to read and pray over this letter.
David & Kerry
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