Arts Awareness Monthly E-Newsletter | November 2015
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Be Bold and Begin

Choose to engage with the artistic process to get started and keep moving.
You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.
~ Stephen King

Powerful Force of Momentum

It’s an exciting time for me. My book—Arts Awareness: A Fieldbook for Awakening Creative Consciousness in Everyday Life—is now available. For many years, I’ve kept notes about a wide variety of experiences in the arts. After some time and review of my musings, it was clear that there were many connections between my experiences and the experiences of others with the artistic process. The decision to organize these thoughts and put them into a book came with some trepidation. I’ve never written a book before. But my experiences as a performing musician reminded me to simply begin, to practice, and to gather the courage to keep at it.
You learn when engaging fully with the artistic process that once you begin and keep at it, the powerful force of momentum takes over and you find it’s increasingly easier to stay focused, make continuous progress, and find your way through the obstacles and challenges that inevitably turn up along the way. The most delightful aspect of this journey is that you never know what life-changing things you might discover as you move forward. The constant process of practicing, assessing, and correcting leads you forward.

Consider Everything

When you begin a project of any kind, organize your ideas and consider everything—much more than what might be included in the final project—even though some things may at first seem completely unrelated to the current endeavor. Using this aspect of the artistic process and keeping an open mind will allow you to consider a wide range of creative possibilities, even if they do not initially relate to what you are doing at the moment. While you ultimately focus on the project you engage with at the time, the openness to such a wide range of thinking truly expands the creative possibilities and allows you to achieve an outcome that moves you well beyond your present reality. While you are pulled forward toward your new creation, the path yields new associations and connections that add richness and complexity to the outcome. Perhaps what you are planning is not as relevant as the true beauty of where you are, where you are going, and how you get there through what was revealed from all the possibilities you considered.

Any work of art which is not a beginning,
an invention, a discovery, is of little worth.
~ Ezra Pound

More about the Arts Awareness Fieldbook

Arts Awareness is a new philosophy about the value of the arts and the artistic process. It is a philosophy of how the artistic process can help develop the creative thinking and entrepreneurial attitude necessary to succeed in contemporary society. The seven strategies of Arts Awareness philosophy are designed to stimulate one’s imagination and creative power, providing a foundation for moving forward with renewed enthusiasm and strength.

The artistic process inspires
you to:
  • Make a commitment to begin.
  • Focus, create space, and clear away distractions.
  • Eliminate or work around any obstacles or challenges that appear to be in your way.
  • Use your heart and share your inner knowing with the world.
Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid.
~ Robert Collier

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About the Arts Awareness Newsletter:

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