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Hi everyone,

Thank you again for the efforts you've all made. Almost every umpire submitted their CMR online via the Match Day Paperwork phone/tablet app on time last week. With the exception of a couple of umpires (you know who you are!) who have got genuine issues with the app I would like everyone to again make sure that your games are submitted ONLINE - ON TIME!

If you really can't get access to your game on the app ring me to sort it out. At the very least make sure you send me a text stating your name, the game (age/division/teams), ALL other official SMJFL umpires who officiated and whether there were any issues.

We had an awesome time at training last week when AFL umpires visited us at Moorleigh. I hope everyone enjoyed their chat and the way they helped out with the drills. It was really great to have them take time out of their busy schedules to come see us. Photos at the end of the newsletter...

Good luck for this weekend, and CALL ME if you have any issues!
Amanda Beet
SMJFL Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756

Clubs have been warned that umpires will be taking a very tough stance on any dangerous tackles from now on. If you see that a coach is doing the right thing and taking players off to warn them if they get too rough then you have no need to use cards UNLESS the action is actually a RED or YELLOW offence. In simple terms - give coaches a chance to self-police their playing group.

Please note that although a Yellow Card must be noted on the CMR it is NOT an actual report, so no need to call Amanda, or fill out the separate player report form. Players who get another yellow card within 12 months will receive an automatic suspension.

The following is what has been communicated to every club Secretary earlier this week:-

Dangerous Tackles [Forward to Coaches]
As per the Dangerous Tackle Initiative, the SMJFL is very serious about doing all it can to ensure the safety of players. Regardless of the intent of the tackler, the onus is on them to protect the opposition player. If the opposition player is hurt due to their head hitting the ground the tackler can expect to be charged with "engaging in rough conduct against an opponent which in the circumstances in unreasonable".
Examples of tackles can be found on the Coaches' Box page of our website.

This will now be a regular newsletter item - highlighting one or two areas of your umpiring day that have been "in the news" (or my inbox, this week! Clubs are paying for our services, and we need to show them that we are taking the game and our job very seriously. They are entitled to a PROFESSIONAL performance from all of our umpires from the youngest to the oldest. This week's tips are:-
  • DO get to the game 30 minutes early, find Escorts or Team Managers, introduce yourself etc. If you only turn up 5 minutes before the game they will be stressed and annoyed with you before the first siren! If you are umpiring the game before, use 1/2 or 3/4 time break to tell them you will be doing their game as well. I know this one is pushed every week - but it's vital!
  • DON'T greet coaches or team managers the instant they get to the ground. Let them put their gear down and get settled before politely approaching them to introduce yourself.
  • DO assume the game will proceed well. Umpire it based on what happens today, not what you heard happened a month ago between these teams!
  • NEVER greet people from one team who you may know in an over enthusiastic manner. The opposition will immediately assume you have a link to the other team and will be on the defensive before you start.
  • DO have a chat to both teams before the match. Inform them of your name, and reinforce any modification to the rules you are aware of. Several clubs have been upset about umpires being unaware of the number of bounces allowed, kicking off the ground being allowed (or not) etc. LOOK these rules up on the matrix (on the website under Umpires > Forms & Documents) before you umpire an age group you haven't done before.

Please make sure your AVAILABILITY is set correctly in Schedula. Several umpires have complained that they are not getting appointed, only for us to discover that they have NOT set availability and therefore don't appear in the list of possible umpires. If you are not sure whether your availability is set correctly call Amanda from Monday-Friday (please only call about match day issues on a Sunday).

We are very fortunate at our training sessions at the moment that the Under 15 Girls Interleague squad trains right after us. The team manager for that team is very conscientious and picks up all sorts of tops after they finish - leaving them in the rooms for me. They will shortly finish training and you won't have anyone to pick up after you. Take note of what you bring to training and take the same stuff home with you!

On match day you need to leave any valuables such as phones and wallets somewhere secure - in the car, with mum or dad, or failing those being there, ask the canteen at the club to mind them for you while you umpire. Unfortunately it isn't practical for clubs to lock doors to umpires rooms for junior football, as there is a constant stream of umpires coming & going all day.

Unfortunately we have had several phones stolen from umpires rooms this year already. Don't be the next victim - keep them safe.

SORRY - We are still awaiting smaller sizes of shorts. We'll let you know when they are available. Don't worry, just wear dark shorts if you have them. I know you are probably sick of hearing this, but don't worry - so are we!

Make sure you sign the attendance sheet at every training session you attend. Our coaches use this data to allocate umpires to games, and the more often you are at training , the better your chance of getting a game on the weekend. If you can't find it - ASK.
Click here to download the Rules Variation Matrix - EVERYONE should check this to make sure they are applying the correct rules to the age group they are umpiring:-

2016 SMJFL Rules Variation Matrix

General Umpire queries: Amanda Beet (Monday-Friday) contact details below
Uniform: Tom Grundy
Appointments: Nick Bergman

MATCH DAY issues: Amanda Beet 0421 170 756 /

Please ensure you have my phone number in your mobile - you NEED to call me urgently on Sunday as soon as possible after a game where there is a report (red card) or serious issue.

NB: If you just have a general query which can be dealt with on another day please don't call me on a Saturday (I do try to have ONE day away from work) or a Sunday when my phone runs hot with MATCH DAY issues.
Click here to download this season's handbook - it's also on the website.

2016 Umpire Handbook

Moorleigh Reserve, Bignell Road, East Bentleigh.
Wednesdays from 4.45pm (warmup) for 5.00-6.00pm session.

Before you ring anyone for help on anything please check our website first. Click the link above, then go on to UMPIRES and a range of options will appear. Most of your queries will be answered somewhere on this site.
YELLOW and RED cards available at training if you don't have a set yet, or need new ones.

Make sure you always have these at games - if you use either one it MUST be noted on the CMR - under no circumstance can you not log the use of a card.
To celebrate Community Umpiring Round the head honchos of the league decided to get in on the action. Pictured here are the officiating umpires of the Youth Girls (Under 18) match at Toorak Park last Sunday - SMJFL Chairman Peter Ryan and Jake McCauley, who all agreed did a sterling job! Also getting in on the action was board member Matt Webb who got a good aerobic workout as a goal umpire on the weekend - pictured below with some of the AFL umpires who visited us at training.
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