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Tired Yet? - Just a few more weeks...

Hi all,

Not long to go now until the Lightning Carnivals are upon us, with the Under 9s and 10s playing on the 31st July, and the Under 10s the following week on the 7th August. You can rest up AFTER those are over, but until then, stay on your toes, and run hard whilst officiating those games to keep nice and warm!

We have had a few instances recently where it's been seen that 3 umpires are on the field? Please ensure that only ONE umpire from each club is officiating. As adults, if you still feel you have the "L" plates on, learn from following what the other team's umpire is doing, not by having 2 of your own. This is to ensure there are not too many adults crowding the space. Also - please be aware that although we are happy to let kids stay warm, full length leggings are NOT allowed under shorts, nor are track pants (for the players - umpires can rug up as much as they want!).

Good luck for the Lightning Carnivals - I hope to see those of you at the grounds I'll be supervising!

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756
Lightning Carnival Info
For those of you who are approaching your first Lightning Carnival - DON'T PANIC! The day seems to be a frantic one, with hundreds of kids running round a huge venue, but it's great FUN.

Please ensure the day remains FUN and is approached as a way to wrap up the season with a round robin format of shorter games, designed as a season finale! Encourage your team to enjoy the whole day, and not to worry about "results" and focus on names printed in records, lots of games, footy food and sirens going every 10 minutes - pity the poor neighbors!

A word of warning: particularly for the Under 8s who haven't had this experience before. I remember my son's first carnival and the coach giving the team last minute instructions. He was told "the games about to start" but didn't worry, remarking "they can't start without us!" - guess what - they did. 90 seconds later they hit the ground to find they were already 3 goals down!

Warn your Coaches: on Lightning Carnival day the siren waits for NO coach!

Click one of the the following links for the appropriate Carnival handbook for your group. Check anything important to you as an umpire, and pass on to your coach if they haven't received it from your club secretary yet.

BY-LAWS Corner!

This problem is one found at every age group from U8 - u17s. What do teams do if one doesn't have enough players to make the team up to 18?

You can look up the official by-laws - link in this newsletter (section 14) - but summarised here it is:

Your team is short of players but has the required minimum # for a match to be played (12):
- the opposition MUST loan you players to bring your number up to a minimum of 14 or no official match can be played
- if you refuse the opposition's offer to loan you players they can play a full team of 18 if they want to 
- if the opposition refuses to loan you players they must match your numbers (ie 14 v 14)
- if the opposition loans you players it should be to even up numbers ie: they have 22 players, you have 16, they loan you 2 meaning you play 18 v 18 (they still have 2 on bench)
- if the opposition has a number of additional players meaning 16 v 16, 17 v 17 18 v 18 etc can't be achieved they can play with an advantage of 1 (18 v 17)

NB: Many coaches/Team Managers believe the idea is to loan players always leaving the opposition 1 short - THIS IS NOT THE INTENT OF THE RULE. If numbers CAN be matched, they should be. A team may only play with an advantage if they run out of players to loan the opposition.

- If players are injured or leave the game during the match this rule is NOT employed. It is only to ensure a game is started with correct numbers. 

Can Mid-Fielders kick goals? (AGAIN)
This would have to be the most common question I get every week. The answer is NO.

If a ball is kicked through the goals by anyone except a forward zone player the kick is to be treated as Out of Bounds. If one goal-hog in the Mid-Zone keeps having pot-shots pay a free kick from the forward/mid line, if it's a genuine accident pay the free where it went out.
Does the SMJFL provide umpires for Lightning Carnivals?

We certainly do - it's YOU! Well done, you've earned your first go at the "big day" - enjoy it!

Let me know if you have any issues you want clarified for next week - the most controversial will probably be the one featured! 
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