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Modified Rules
Footy = FUN

Hi Everyone.


Hopefully everyone at your club gives you an extra pat on the back tomorrow. For this newsletter we'll just reiterate our mantra that "It's about the kids..."

Remember your responsibilities as a parent volunteer umpire. Read your Code of Conduct before each match to remind you of these. And always have a chat with the other club's umpire about your "style" of umpiring so the two of you can umpire the game consistently so the players don't get confused.

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756

Never, under any circumstances pick up or put your hands on the players. It may seem easier to manhandle them into position, or break up a squabble than using your voice - but it can be seen as completely inappropriate by the opposition, or even your own teams parents to lay hands on a child.

Please read the code of conduct (can be downloaded from our website) which clearly states that an umpire must... 

5. Not make physical contact with any player unless it is to assist with first aid for an injured player
There seems to be some confusion over the online submission of the match report.

Please ensure you are going to our SMJFL website, then selecting UMPIRES then CLUB VOLUNTEER UMPIRES on the menus. On this page there is a link to the form for submitting the Modified Rules CMRs.

Don't use the link on the bottom of the CMR pad. This is for a different series of age groups.

Only the HOME TEAM umpire needs to submit the report via the online form. If the away team umpire feels so strongly about an issue not covered please email me directly. If the HOME umpire is unable to submit the form, they may ask the away team umpire to do so, but the HOME team will be liable to be fined if the form is not submitted on time. Please note there is a $35 per game fine for any team that fails to submit their form on time.  

Make sure coaches are aware of the following

1. Wristbands are NOT to be swapped on the field. Any changing of positions must be done at quarter breaks or via the interchange.

2. Wristbands MUST be worn where they can be seen. Clubs with long sleeved jumpers should ensure players wear the wristband OVER the sleeve, not tucked under.
Remember that you can still recap what you learnt at our info sessions. For those who have been unable as yet to attend one, or those who were already accredited and would like another look check out our website under Umpires > Club Umpires. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the presentations and videos shown on the night - or click here


Can a midfielder kick a goal?
The short answer is NO.

If a mid-fielder inadvertently kicks a goal the goal umpire is NOT to signal a score. The opposition then kick the ball back into play as if it had simply been kicked or handballed out of bounds.

If you beleive a player is continually having shots at goal from the midfield you can then pay a free kick at the spot they kicked it from - but give them the benefit of the doubt first.

Let me know if you have any issues you want clarified for next week - the most controversial will probably be the one featured! 

Finally, as previously stated uniforms will be supplied BY YOUR CLUB. All you need is the Parent Volunteer Umpire T-Shirt which is bright yellow. Some clubs are still waiting on supplies of these as our supplier has not yet delivered the larger sizes we ordered. If you need to, you can wear anything bright yellow until new shirts arrive.
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SMJFL Umpires Facebook
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