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Modified Rules umpires

Welcome to 2016

Sorry this weeks news is so late, but with about a million and one things to do I decided that as responsible adults you could all probably do with less attention than my 14-19 year olds in U11-U17 matches! I promise it won't happen again.

I'll just offer a big WELCOME to our new Club Umpires for 2016, and a hearty WELCOME BACK to those who have decided to don the fluoro for another year of modified rules fun!

I am looking forward to meeting many of you Tuesday night at the Bentleigh club for our final information session . If anyone at your club hasn't attended yet tell them to come along!

A very brief newsletter this week - just a couple of housekeeping items below, mostly for the new mums and dads out there doing this for the first time.

And Joe - the penguin's for you! 

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756


Please be aware that all clubs and umpires have been affected by the disrupted supply of uniform from our new partner BLK. Don't be too strict on any club who has the "wrong" gear for the first round or so.

If you haven't been able to get your Club Umpire shirt yet (although most clubs have stock from previous years) just wear something like a high-vis vest or bright shirt.

Remember that you are umpiring 7-10 year olds when you get out there tomorrow. It's all about THEM having fun, not about you being able to throw your weight around.

Head high contact is the thing to really be strong on. We absolutely DO NOT want parents thinking that kids are getting away with aggressive tackles. Coaches have been requested to pull players off immediately if they see dangerous play, to explain where the tackle/play went wrong. The player can then return to the field immediately. This is an educational tool, and different to a Yellow card offence where players must remain off the ground for an entire quarter.

Pay free kicks if they are there, but make sure you are not being too pedantic. The zones do not have invisible glass walls that kids run into - allow players who take possession in one zone a reasonable run into another before disposing of the ball, but ensure they move back into the correct zone quickly. NO SCORE will be signalled from a kick by a MID-Zone player if they happen to score in the preceding example.

COMMON SENSE and CONSISTENCY in decision making is all we are asking for from umpires.

Visit our website and navigate to the Umpires > Club Umpires area. There are a range of resources on this page. In particular everyone needs to look at the
Rules Variation Matrix which is a REALLY handy document, and the Modified Rules summary table.

You may want to point any parents who want a better idea of the rules to this page as well, the Modified Rules for
Coaches and Parents is also a valuable tool.

Competition Match Reports MUST be filled out at the ground - the HOME CLub Umpire is then responsible for then submitting it online by 9pm Sunday. The online form is on our websites Club Umpire page.

Your club will be FINED if the CMR is not submitted on time - so please ensure this is done. It might not seem important, but we have reports that need to be run Monday morning in order to supply clubs with timely feedback about the weekends matches.
To sum up - have fun. Meet with and CHAT to the other umpire before the game to agree on how the game will be officiated. Players will only be confused if there are 2 people trying to each impose their own version of Mod Rules on the match.
REMEMBER - on Sunday, the other umpire is NOT the opposition, he/she is your PARTNER.

Enjoy the day and Good Luck.
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SMJFL Umpires Facebook
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