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Welcome to WINTER!!!!

Hi all,

Winter has really arrived now! Good luck to all of our wonderful parent umpires who jump out of bed even quicker than their kids on a Sunday morning, eager to get to the game. Did you all miss it last weekend? Hopefully you'll get a good run around, and stay warm this week.

Like our penguins above, thrilled to be wearing their new finery, so too can you be. If your club hasn't picked up the official "Club Volunteer Umpire" shirts just yet, remind your Secretary that all ordered shirts are now available to be picked up at our office.

This week remember, as always, to allow the game to keep moving whenever possible, and encourage all the kids to run around - within their zone of course - to avoid hypothermia!

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756
What's the idea behind zones???
I was watching some Under 15 Interleague football last weekend, and noted that, on the whole, where coaches were obeying the High Density Ruling there was a faster, more skillful and less congested game. This is a different type of "zone" to the ones we use (and I'm not going to print it here in case someone reads this the wrong way and tries applying it on Sunday to mod rules!) but the idea is the same - to allow players space in which to move and DEVELOP their skills on match day.

Obviously at our level, the idea is also about ensuring that all players have an opportunity to get to the ball, and that the "ball-hog" (every team has one) is not allowed to control the game for his/her benefit alone. It's also about learning to concentrate for 12 minutes at a time as the ball hopefully is never too far from their area. As an umpire you can encourage players to clear the area at stoppages which also makes for a cleaner game.  
With the season over half way gone, we are STILL having to chase up CMRs every Monday morning. This really does cost your club money (we fine them for late submissions) and our staff valuable time which could be spent doing other things! CMRs must be submitted ONLINE through our website by 9pm Sunday. CLICK HERE to go straight to the form.

BY-LAWS Corner!

So far this season we have not had too many "Officials Behaving Badly" which is terrific. Just so you are aware - the following are just some of the reportable offences and the possible penalties that can be offered to OFFICIALS if you are having problems with them.

If you DO need to report anyone (player or official) make sure you ring Amanda on 0421 170 756 whilst STILL AT THE GAME for help/instructions.

Reportable Offence (Laws of Football 19.2.2)
(b) intentionally making contact with, or striking, an Umpire;       Tribunal
(c) attempting to make contact with, or strike, an Umpire;     12 matches
(d) carelessly making contact with an Umpire;      2 matches
(e) spitting at or on an Umpire;      12 matches
(j) using abusive, insulting, threatening or obscene language;      4 matches
(k) using abusive, insulting, or obscene language towards or in relation to an Umpire;     6 matches
(l) behaving in an abusive, insulting, threatening or obscene manner towards or in relation to an Umpire;       6 matches
(m) disputing a decision of an Umpire;        2 matches
(n) use of an obscene gesture;       2 matches
(w) failing to leave the playing surface when directed to do so by the Umpire     4 matches
(y) engaging in any other act of misconduct or serious misconduct         10 matches


Playing on - YES or NO?
I have had a few enquiries lately about whether players can play-on after receiving a free-kick or marking the ball. We have NO rule modification listed for this, meaning we go with the official laws of the game. HOWEVER, we would ask you to encourage the players to go back and take their kick in order to ensure they give another player a chance to kick or mark, as well as reducing congestion (if they play on they are often caught, then you have a tackle to adjudicate!) 

Likewise when kicking out from a behind, we would prefer players not to play on, for the same reasons given above. As always, this is a bit grey - an umpire being absolutely black and white with the rules will allow it, but that would go against the INTENT of the mod rules competition.

Basically always remember we are trying to involve MORE kids in any given play - not less.

Let me know if you have any issues you want clarified for next week - the most controversial will probably be the one featured! 
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