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Modified Rules
Adults can be big and scary (or really nice)

My little penguin above could be intimidated by the adults towering over him, or reassured by the fact that they both want the best for him (or maybe he's a she - I really don't know...) My point this week is for all of you to remember that the kids on Sunday will all be looking UP to you physically and for guidance.Stay fairly chilled, cooperate with your fellow umpires to ensure a consistent interpretation of the rules and all will go swimmingly. 

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756
Thank you to everyone who attended one of our Information sessions. For those who have apologised but been unable to attend, or those who were already accredited and would like another look check out our website under Umpires > Club Umpires. At the bottom of the page there is a link to the presentations and videos shown on the night - or click here

Special thanks to Joe Galati who gave a terrific summary of what it's like to umpire Mod. Rules and took questions from the audience who seemed to be able to provide us with an endless number of scenarios. Having someone who has been there, done that made the group feel a bit more comfortable.

When kicking out from full back can a Mod Rules player kick it to him/herself and play on?
This is an interesting one. According to the By-Laws the player can do this, as SMJFL By-Laws cover anything not covered specifically by Mod Rules, and the Laws of Australian Football cover anything not covered by the SMJFL (if that makes sense).

HOWEVER - our recommendation is that the umpire encourages players to KICK the ball without playing on, otherwise the full back can play on, gain a further 10m then kick the ball out of the zone without other backline players having an opportunity to touch the ball. As our modified rules are based around more players getting more chances to get hands on the ball it makes sense to tell them to kick it out of the square.

Let me know if you have any issues you want clarified for next week - the most controversial will probably be the one featured! 

Finally, as previously stated uniforms will be supplied BY YOUR CLUB. All you need is the Parent Volunteer Umpire T-Shirt which is bright yellow. Some clubs are still waiting on supplies of these as our supplier has not yet delivered the larger sizes we ordered. If you need to, you can wear anything bright yellow until new shirts arrive.
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