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Under 10 Lightning Carnival time - PLAY NICE!

Hi all,

Like last week for the Under 8s and 9s, this is a SUPER exciting time for everyone involved on Sunday with our Lightning Carnival. In fact with a pennant up for grabs, it's not only exciting but vitally important to win - right? WRONG!!! Just because there is a (relatively small) pennant for the winner of each group does not mean that sportsmanship should be thrown out the window, and coaches or umpires should behave any differently to the excellent behaviour I'm sure they've been displaying all year.

Whatever happens on the day the MOST important thing to remember is the league's tag-line "It's about the kids". If you see or hear any adults (officials or spectators) behaving in a manner which could potentially spoil what will be the last day of footy make sure you report it to a ground manager. The very last thing we need is a player having a wretched day, and thinking about it all summer, then deciding not to come back in 2017 - all over a scrap of material.....


BE THE ADULT and make sure the day runs smoothly!

Please make sure that you read the reminders below to ensure a fun day for everyone to wrap up the season. To those of you who will umpire their last game for the year this Sunday - I hope you've had a great year, and finish it off with a fun day for all the kids.

Good luck for the Lightning Carnival - I hope to see those of you at the grounds I'll be supervising!

Finally, if you didn't do it last week, please take a few minutes to complete the survey below - the information you provide will help us continually improve the modified rules competition going forward.

Amanda Beet
Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756
PLEASE Click here to take our Club Volunteer Umpire Survey. Your information will help us improve in 2017. It will only take a few minutes of your time. Thank You.
Lightning Carnival Info
(I know this box is repeated from last newsletter - but it's VITAL info)
For those of you who are approaching your first Lightning Carnival - DON'T PANIC! The day is a frantic one, with hundreds of kids running round huge venues, but it's great FUN.

Please ensure the day remains FUN and is approached as a way to wrap up the season with a round robin format of shorter games, designed as a season finale! Encourage your team to enjoy the whole day, and not to worry about "results" and focus on names printed in records, lots of games, footy food and sirens going every 10 minutes - pity the poor neighbors!

Remind your Coaches: Lightning Carnival day sirens wait for NO coach!

Click the the following link for the Under 10 Carnival handbook for your group. Check anything important to you as an umpire, and pass on to your coach if they haven't received it from your club secretary yet.

BY-LAWS Corner!

There will be an SMJFL Match Manager at all Lightning Carnival Venues. If you have ANY questions, or want a ruling please go and see them rather than causing a scene!
- here's a tip, they haven't changed!

Can Mid-Fielders kick goals? (AGAIN)
PLEASE READ - Despite this being in the last newsletter we still had a couple more umpires allowing this which confuses everyone. The answer is still NO.

If a ball is kicked through the goals by anyone except a forward zone player (wearing a blue or yellow "forward" wrist-band) the kick is to be treated as Out of Bounds. If one goal-hog in the Mid-Zone keeps having pot-shots pay a free kick from the forward/mid line, if it's a genuine accident pay the free where it went out.
How strictly do I enforce ZONES?

Zones are part of the modified rules game to try to stop the "seagulls on a chip" pack situations we get when every player on the ground is trying to get a touch at once. The zones help ease congestion, and make sure there is someone forward of the ball-carrier for them to aim at. If a player takes a ball in their correct zone but runs into the next before disposing of it DON'T penalise them as long as they retreat back into the correct zone immediately. They CANNOT score with such a kick however (see above ruling).

If an individual player (or a whole team) is continually ignoring the zone ruling (standing or running around in the wrong zone when the ball is not near them) you can pay a free kick against them. Likewise if they continually creep deeper into the next zone whilst waiting for the ball to come to them MOVE THEM BACK.

Advise the coaches BEFORE the match that it is their responsibility to ensure zones are being monitored.

The best way to remember this is to realise this IS a game of footy - we DON'T have a glass wall at the zone boundaries which kids will run up against - let the game flow and allow a natural amount of overlap go as long as players immediately get bac to correct zone.
Does the SMJFL provide umpires for Lightning Carnivals?

We certainly do - it's YOU! Well done, you've earned your first go at the "big day" - enjoy it!
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SMJFL Umpires Facebook
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