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Hi everyone,

Congratulations on a terrific first weekend of matches. We've had a lot of positive feedback from the clubs, and you can all give yourselves a pat on the back. Hopefully if you didn't get a game last week
you'll get one this week, there are some hints below on how to maximise your chances of getting a game.

Apologies to everyone I haven't responded to who texted, phoned or emailed me about the Match Day Paperwork app not working last Sunday. If I'd answered every question I'd still be going! We believe the problem is now sorted out so make sure you use it again on the weekend. Pleasingly just about everyone had entered their match day paperwork on the new or old system. I will sort out who hasn't very soon once we merge data from the 2 systems - so if you didn't submit it please do so NOW.

Just a small reminder that SOCKS must be pulled up and shirts tucked in when umpiring. We want to be seen as professionals, and the dishevelled look doesn't really work!

Good luck for this weekend.

Amanda Beet
SMJFL Director of Umpiring
0421 170 756

Congratulations on a terrific first weekend of matches. We've had a lot of positive feedback from the clubs, and you can all give yourselves a pat on the back. Hopefully if you didn't get a game last weekyou'll get one this week, there are some hints below on how to maximise your chances of getting a game.

As you know we've all had a busy start to the season, but the uniform situation is now almost under control. If you ordered uniform during the last week we HOPE to have it ready for you at training, and from next week will be back to some sort of normal supply, but if we don't yet have your order packed don't panic. I CAN'T stay late tonight, so see me before or at the start of training - it might not be pre-packed, but we should be able to supply most of it.

All first year umpires can collect a green "TRAINEE" vest which is to be worn over the uniform. You will also need to collect red and yellow cards (hopefully you won't need to use them).

For those whose uniform from last year still fits you can keep wearing this in 2016. If you need new uniform you need to buy the BLK gear at the following prices:

Shirt - green: $40.00
Shorts - grey: $25.00
Socks - green: $12.00
Wristbands - white with SMJFL logo: $8.00

PLEASE NOTE: Uniform is exactly that - we are striving for a uniform look for our team. You may either wear full "old kit" or buy the entire new kit, don't mix and match. All four of the above items are compulsory to wear - sweatbands are NOT optional.

You will also need a whistle. The best sort are the hand held ones. These may be bought at any sports store. AFL umpires use the ACME Thunderer

We now have an order form on our website (Umpires > Forms & Documents) to pre-order and pick up at training. Please allow a week to process.

Uniform: Tom Grundy
Appointments: Nick Bergman

MATCH DAY issues: Amanda Beet 0421 170 756 /

Please ensure you have my phone number in your mobile - you NEED to call me urgently on Sunday as soon as possible after a game where there is a report (red card) or serious issue - Amanda

Apologies in advance, but please be aware that we simply cannot explain to every umpire who ISN'T appointed to a game in a given week the reasons why they missed out . We simply don't have the time or resources.

One reason many 1st years miss out is that they are not setting their availability correctly in Schedula. Take some time to make sure the times you nominate to be available are not too restrictive. If you also play games, you might find that morning games stop you being appointed as most U11-U13 games are on in the morning and they are the games you will be appointed to as a new umpire.

By selecting to be available to umpire ANYWHERE in the SMJFL region is also a good way to set Schedula. Unless riding your bike is the only way to get to games don't restrict yourself to one region. You might miss out on a game which is actually closer to your house but in a different region. If travelling by car most grounds within the SMJFL are no more more than a maximum 15-20 minute drive. Our appointments coordinator tells me he does check the suburb you live in when appointing and tries his best to place you in an appropriate game.

We are working on getting more (newer) umpires trained to run 2-umpire system which should also give more umpires the opportunity for a game.

If after a few weeks you still haven't been given a game by all means contact myself or Nick Bergman to make sure there are no admin problems stopping your appointment.

Finally - keep an eye on your emails. You will have noticed Nick sends out details of games left unfilled, or extra games etc needing umpires. It's no use waiting until 3 hours later to reply to these as the games are usually snapped up quickly by those umpires monitoring the requests. Remember that feild umpires CAN put in for boundary appointments in older games at this point so that might be a way to get a game if you are a new umpire who is busy in the morning and missing the younger age groups.

We certainly don't want anyone to get discouraged and give up because they aren't getting games. Make sure you turn up to training and ASK the coaches why you aren't being selected if you have eliminated all other options. We are here to help you progress - not hold you back.

Hopefully following this advice helps you get more appointments!

Make sure you sign the attendance sheet at every training session you attend. Our coaches use this data to allocate umpires to games, and the more often you are at training , the better your chance of getting a game on the weekend. If you can't find it - ASK.

Please note that this seasonwe will be using a brand new App from Sporting Pulse called MATCH DAY PAPERWORK (download from App Store or Play Store) to enter your - you guessed it - Match Day paperwork online. The difference to the old system we used is that you need to use your SPORTING PULSE PASSPORT login to access the App - which is NOT necessarily the same as your Schedula login details. Please do not ask us about Sporting Pulse issues, you will need to resolve your password details through Sporting Pulse.

You won't see game details in this app until you are allocated a game, so please be patient. We are confident of a better result with the app this weekend so make sure you give it a good try. Once appointed a game it should be visible on the app, even before the game is played. If it doesn't work on the weekend we still have our backup form available on the website under Umpires > Forms and Documents to enter CMR details - but please don't use this unless the APP is really not working.


It is vital that you have your Primary Schedula email set to one which you check regularly. If it's not you may miss valuable communications.

Also - make sure you ALWAYS check email or website before coming to training, as any last minute changes will be communicated this way.

School emails: It has come to my attention that several schools have firewall settings BLOCKING Schedula communications. If your school does this, please ask them to list the Schedula email address as a legitimate one. In particular Xavier addresses seem to be an issue - I will ring the school about this one. You can change your primary email to a gmail or hotmail address if your school one doesn't work for you. 
REGISTER NOW using this link if you haven't already!

YES - I want to be an UMPIRE in 2016!

Moorleigh Reserve, Bignell Road, East Bentleigh.
Wednesdays from 4.45pm (warmup) for 5.00-6.00pm session.

Before you ring anyone for help on anything please check our website first. Click the link above, then go on to UMPIRES and a range of options will appear. Most of your queries will be answered somewhere on this site.
YELLOW and RED cards available at training if you don't have a set yet, or need new ones.

Make sure you always have these at games - if you use either one it MUST be noted on the CMR - under no circumstance can you not log the use of a card.
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