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Trinity United Methodist Church - Yuma, Arizona

May 27, 2020

What makes worship worship for you? 

 I was once in a class where we were asked what the point of worship is.  EVERYBODY got the answer wrong.  I talked about the fellowship, the family gathering.  Others talked about learning about God.  Some were impressed with the comfort or encouragement that helped them face the week.  Once again I say, we were all wrong.

Worship is the work of the people (liturgia), which is to praise God as a community.  This is why you can get close to God in nature, even worshipping and praising God in your heart or voice, but it is still not the work of the people – not the community gathered.  What good does it do for any of us to worship God and not help others do the same thing?  So, go to the woods or the lake or the ocean and worship God, but understand you still need to return to your community at some point and help others worship God.
Now that you know the theology of worship, let me ask again, what makes worship worship for you?  The fact is, most of us are not satisfied with just praising God as a community.  We need more.  This quarantine has really caused churches -- pastors,  church leaders, and normally pew sitting members -- to consider what makes worship worship.  We miss not being present together as a community.  Yes, we can gather online, but it is not the same as seeing each other, greeting each other, looking into each other’s eyes or reacting together to a sermon or a song or a prayer.  We can listen to beautiful music but it is not the same as singing out a hymn or song we love.

When we are present again in our sanctuary, or fellowship hall, or outside, or wherever we gather together again, we all know things will be different.  We must distance from each other.  No hugs and  handshakes, or even fist bumps.  Singing destroys the distancing by propelling our breath as far as a sneeze.  As a pastor, I want us to feel like we are worshiping even if we are not expressing that worship the way we normally do.  So let me ask my question a different way:  in the midst of physical distancing, what will make you feel like you have connected with God?  If you have an answer, let me know.  

Thank you and God bless you all.
Pastor Galene
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Our study of the Psalms continues each Tuesday at 10:00 AM.
Send an email to the office ( if you'd like to participate and you will be sent information on how to connect from the comfort of your own home.
The Church Office is open by appointment only.  Please call 928-344-3013 to set-up an appointment.  We are answering phone messages and responding to e-mails as we work remotely.
Thursday, May 28 - A Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving
Friday, May 29 - The Elderly
Saturday, May 30 - Your Mentor
Sunday, May 31 - Pentecost - Wear red and celebrate the birthday of the church
Monday, June 1 - Yuma Community Food Bank
Tuesday, June 2 - Yuma County Humane Society
Wednesday, June 3 - COVID-19 Vaccine
Dear Trinity Family and Friends,

When the doors of Trinity open for Sunday services, where will you be? There will be changes in the way we approach welcoming and seating everyone. Are you willing to wear a mask and greet others with a fist bump instead of a hug? Will you stay home if you don’t feel well or are coughing?

While the number of COVID-19 positive cases are still rising (more testing is available), Yuma county has the fewest cases reported. It is my opinion that moving too quickly to open restaurants, theaters, shops and enlarging the number of people from 10 in a group to a higher number could be a problem. We need to continue our safety practices!

I know physical distancing is not done as often as it should be, but it does have a reason. Remember to check on friends and neighbors often, especially with this next blast of HOT weather coming.

I plan to be present when the doors open, wearing my mask and will love to see the faces of all my dear friends!  I surely have been missing them these past few weeks! Hope to see you soon!

Sharon Felty, Parish Nurse
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