We wish all our ODs at UK universities the best of luck and every success for their end-of-year exams.

It is really important that each OD attending RSVP by clicking on the invitation above even if a table has been booked for you by one of your classmates.
We are most grateful to Anthony Record, MBE (S, 1956) who has very kindly donated the wines for our dinner. The wines are from his vineyard, Domaine Gayda, in the Languedoc region of France.
Anyone wishing to order from the wide range of wines from Domaine Gayda can do so by using the link in the OD Marketplace section at the bottom of this email.
Dear ODs

An important element of the ODU's new strategy is a greater emphasis on ODs supporting ODs. The mentoring programme is an example of this idea in practice and is working very well up here thanks to the commitment of the growing number of OD mentors who have so enthusiastically embraced this initiative. Last month I suggested there could be ODs who have products/services to offer here in the UK which might be interesting to the wider OD network. A few ODs have responded and as a trial, I have created the OD Market Place which can be found towards the bottom of this newsletter. It is an "opt-in" system so you have to choose to open the links in this newsletter rather than be bombarded by pop-ups or spam to your inboxes. I'm hoping that where they can, ODs will support each other. Why not?

Developing the idea of ODs supporting ODs, I wondered whether the UK ODU shouldn't offer a
Job Shop through which jobs (and internships) can not only be offered to ODs (as is already being done) but to provide those looking for jobs (or internships) the forum to put their information/CVs out there too. This can be done on a no-name basis. The Job Shop does not guarantee employment, but it connects OD talent wanted with OD talent available. The popular objection to ODs approaching ODs for employment is the fear that this would cause a deluge of unsolicited job applications. Fear not! The OD Market Place and Job Shop will be managed "centrally" and only communicated through this newsletter. Personal details are never released without permission.

ODs who would like to use the Market Place - or Job Shop - please click HERE. Give it a try. There is, of course, no charge. The OD Market Place & Job Shop will be run on a trial basis for three months. If it's useful and supported, it will continue. If not, it will be stopped. Incidentally, this is in addition to and not part of the mentoring programme which assists ODs specifically with career advice and guidance and not jobs.

In any event, your views (pro or con) and suggestions on all this would be helpful, so please let me know what you think.

In the same vein, I know that our new ODU Chairman, Bruce Jack (G, 1987), is looking to create an Entrepreneurs' Programme linked to the School emulating the one which is in place at Eton. Watch this space.

I attended the AROPS (Association of Representatives of Old Pupils' Societies) annual conference last Saturday. The ODU is the only non-UK member (out of 275 associations/societies). AROPS provides a useful opportunity to hear what others are doing and build our network. There is a good deal of interest in what we are doing and I was asked to speak about our mentoring programme which, judging from the comments I received, is something of a benchmark for other societies - thanks again, of course, to our able and willing mentors.

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the UK OD Dinner in London on 1st July. Details are above. We are already at 75% capacity.
Perditus qui haesitat....

There won't be any OD drinks at Ye Olde Mitre on the last Thursday of this month as I shall be abroad.

And lastly, I suspect that this newsletter is landing in a few spam/junk boxes and might be because of the high number of images which are now included. If you are reading this newsletter, this obviously does not apply to you, but if you have OD friends who you think are not getting this communication, please ask them to check their spam/junk folders and mark the newsletter as "not junk/spam" (unless they don't want to receive it in their inbox that is).

Kind regards

Nicky Bicket
Ian Michler (W, 1977) wins award for BLOOD LIONS for shining light on animal cruelty 

At the end of last year, several ODs attended the Royal Geographical Society's screening of Ian’s documentary exposé, Blood Lions.

We are proud to report that Blood Lions has been  recognised by the Humane Society of The United States of America (HSUS) and selected to receive a Genesis Award for their International Feature Documentary Film Category. 

Blood Lions was awarded under the International Feature Documentary Film category as it ‘Spotlights the lucrative South African business of breeding lions in factory farm-like facilities for “canned hunts,” and the growing Asian market for lion bones.’ 

Congratulations, Ian.
Thanks to Richard Duck (G, 1964) for this report on the Senior OD v Old Cranleighan Golf match played last week:

"On the day before we were due to play our match, the heavens opened and a huge volume of water cascaded down on the courses almost all day, so much so that I warned my team the night before the match of the possibility that there could be a ban on trolleys for our game.  However I should have had more faith in the British weather as the day of our match dawned bright and also warm and the sun came out to greet us.

The OD and OC teams gathered in the clubhouse soon after 8-00am and coffees and bacon rolls were enjoyed by all whilst we got to know our opposition team.  We were also joined by Nicky Bicket who nobly agreed to come along despite not being a golfer, to act as photographer and general cheerleader!

At 9-15am we headed for the tee and set off for an exciting day’s golf.  The first two pairs of OC’s however revealed their trump cards in the shape of two young(ish) players with a four and a five handicap.  This soon started to eat into the scoring and in the end proved to be just too much for the first two OD teams who both succumbed to the continuous onslaught from these powerful players.

Our third pair however fought bravely right to the end and managed to secure a half so the final result was a win for the OC’s by two and a half to a half!

However the result of the match was soon forgotten and was followed by a few drinks and a most enjoyable lunch with (of course) some South African wines.  After some very short speeches and toasts a general view was expressed that we should try and make this an annual event.

The OD teams were:  First pair Rob White-Cooper and Richard Duck
                                   Second pair John Wyatt and Peter Arthur
                                   Third pair Mike Taylor and Bob Trew"

Mike Taylor (G, 1959) remarked that pulling on the OD golf shirt gave him an unexpected thrill bringing back as it did some happy memories of Bishops. Although we did not sing Psalm 150 before we teed off.

The team above are from left, Mike TaylorRob White-Cooper (W, 1961), Richard DuckJohn Wyatt (W, 1961) Bobby Trew (F, 1952) and  inset, Peter Arthur (W, 1965). 

I'd like to thank Richard who convenes, captains and cajoles (and occasionally castigates) the Senior OD Golf Circuit for all the work he has and continues to put into these games.

For a full set of photos of the day, please click HERE.

If there are any other senior (loosely, 55+) OD golfers who would like to join the circuit, please do get in touch with Richard by email.

The next OD golf match is against the Old Tonbridgians at the RAC Club in Surrey on Sunday 10th July at 2pm. There is a bit of an edge to this game (as there will be in the return OC match next year) since the OTs lead the series 1-0.
It was a huge pleasure for me to meet up at the end of last month for a pub lunch with these 5 ODs currently studying at Oxford. For this, they reluctantly interrupted, so they said, their preparations for their impending exams. From left to right, and looking suitably remorseful, are: Cosimo Paulucci de Calboli (K, 2010), Matthew Golesworthy (K, 2011), Chris Sharwood (S, 2011), Rowan Nicholls (O, 2010) and Mike Day (F, 2009). The pub, The Bear is famous for its extensive collection of club and alumni ties which adorns its walls and ceilings. There is an OD tie there - somewhere - but not easy to find, especially after a pint or two of the local juice.
Chris Molteno (G, 2010) is going to be a bit embarrassed by this reference to a recent South African Sunday Times article which suggested that nowadays engineers should be accorded celebrity status. Well, something like that. Still, embarrassed or not, the article is in the public domain and we should be proud of the many fine OD engineers working all over the world. Your time obviously has come. Well done all of you. Chris and Michael Crosland (K, 2011) are now interning with Africa New Energies here in London whose CEO is Stephen Larkin (F, 1990). I was very pleased to have lunch with them earlier this month. We were joined by Gordon Robinson (F, 1990)
One of the hallmarks of a Bishops' education is the teaching and learning of critical and independent thinking both in and outside the classroom. For many decades, Bishops and ODs have often led the way in challenging political and social injustices. In keeping with this tradition, the Principal, Guy Pearson, last month spoke at assembly about the privileges and obligations of democracy and how Bishops boys should think about the issues facing South Africa (and the world) today. To read the full text of his address, click HERE. Guy will be the guest speaker at our dinner in London on 1st July.
Word is spreading that the UK ODs are, on the whole, an energetic and competitive bunch, able to turn their hand (and foot, I suppose) to most sports. We have received enquiries from schools wishing to take us on at cricket - format to be decided - and these schools, it turns out, have scores to settle, being beaten over the years by Bishops (who were either on tour here or they to Cape Town). So if there are any of you who can still get into your whites and are keen to rekindle your talents, now's your chance. Enthusiasm trumps ability but previous experience, no matter how previous, would help. All matches (we would aim for Sunday fixtures) will be relaxed and sociable and friends and families will be an important part of the day out. Keen? Let me know by clicking HERE.

I am told that the photo above - which appears on the ODU website - is of the 1905 OD Cricket XI. I'm not so sure; if anyone feels they can recognise their grandfather or great grandfather or can in any way shed some light on this, please do let me know.
The UK OD Mentoring Programme is alive and well and enjoying an increasing number of requests from ODs. These requests are being responded to by our many OD Mentors. To become a mentor, please click HERE. To request advice, please email me directly. 
Last year several ODs and their partners attended the first day of the Henley Royal Regatta and enjoyed, amongst other things, the experience of the historic Leander Club, thanks to Rob Johnston (G, 2010).

This year we hope some  more ODs will be attracted to this quintessentially English event. The day, Wednesday 29th June, would include drinks in The Leander Club (before and after the rowing), lunch and tea (optional). It is a relatively formal (jackets and ties de rigueur) and pricey day but hugely enjoyable  (jackets and ties de rigueur). Being the first day of the competition, the crowds are at their most manageable with wall-to-wall (or should that be bank-to-bank) rowing.To read more about the day and reserve a place for you and wife/partner, please click
HERE. Note that places are restricted by the Leander, so the limited amount of tickets are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.
The UK ODU congratulates all the boys who have competed so successfully at national and international levels

Mathematics: Two boys have been selected to be part of the Grade 10 team to represent South Africa at the International Mathematics Competition in Thailand in August this year. 

Waterpolo: Two boys have been selected to represent South Africa at the U18 Maccabi Games next year.

Music: Three boys received a distinction for their recent Royal Schools of Music Grade 5 Theory exam and one a distinction for his Grade 8 exam.

Squash: No fewer than 17 Bishops players entered the Western Province Open Squash Tournament held in April. Two won gold medals (i.e. first in their division) in the U19 and U14 events respectively. Bishops also picked up two silver medals and one of the boys was awarded a SA Schools medal for being in the top 10 in his age group.

The President's Award (as the Duke of Edinburgh's Award is known in South Africa): Three matrics have been awarded Gold for their completion of all three levels of this award.
New photos have been added to the UK OD Photo Gallery which can be accessed HERE. Past posts on the blog have been labeled for ease of reference

Please let me have photos of your OD get-togethers.
3-5 October, 2017

So far, 40 ODs and their wives/partners have registered their interest in the OD Tour to the Western Front. The tour will take place next year from Tuesday 3rd October-Thursday 5th October. David Walsh, former Second Master and Head of History at Tonbridge and a world-renowned expert on WW1 will lead us to the various sites and memorials. These will include Ypres, Arras, the Somme and Delville Wood. We will also be laying a wreath to commemorate the 112 ODs who gave their lives in WW1 at the Menin Gate evening ceremony. The itinerary can be viewed HERE. Depending on final numbers, we would leave by coach early on the 3rd October. The estimated cost (travel and accommodation) per person - again, dependent on numbers - is between £400-£500 (which excludes getting to and from London from where we set off and finish). If you are interested and would like to put your name down - this is not a commitment - please register HERE. I'll be asking for commitments at the end of the year. Wives/partners, older offspring and friends are welcome to join.
Our sincere condolences go to Brian (O, 1953) and Gill de Kock and their family on the passing of their daughter Lindy last week after a long illness. Some of us will remember Lindy who, when Brian was housemaster of Founders in the 70s, made the place infinitely more beautiful. Brian was also the last-but one ODU Secretary. Our deepest sympathies.

In last month's newsletter, I invited ODs to let me know whether they had any businesses they would like to "advertise" to other ODs who might feel so inclined to support them.

More information on these businesses can be gathered by clicking on the labels below:




If any other ODs would like to add their businesses to this section, please let me know. It should go without saying that there is no charge.

To advertise here, whether that be products, services, jobs offered or jobs sought, please click HERE

Lunch with Tony Little, former Head Master of Eton, is at the Carlton Club on Tuesday 11th October. Invitations will go out in August.

Oxford Pub Lunch

For all ODs and their families:
Saturday 29th October 2016
The Bell at Hampton Poyle, 11 Oxford Rd, Kidlington OX5 2QD

End-of-Year party

Thursday 24th November 2016
venue to be advised
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