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November 2015
Dear ODs

There are many ODs doing wonderful things all the time all over the world which are a source of pride for both the ODU and Bishops. One such OD is Ian Michler (W, 1977) whose film Blood Lions exposes the atrocities and disgrace which is the canned lion hunting industry in South Africa. The film - which narrowly avoided a SA High Court injunction to have the screening stopped - was shown in London last week at the Royal Geographical Society to an enthusiastic audience of over 400 people. It makes the strong and compassionate case for banning the "sport" and Ian's campaign has taken him to many governments across the world, including the European Parliament where he has received a sympathetic and supportive response. Australia, as a result of Ian's lobby, has banned outright the importation of the spoils of canned hunting. Anthony (F, 1990) and James (O, 1997) Pickering, Stephen Morrell (B, 1988), James Gardener (W, 1974) (seen on the right in the photo with Ian) and I were at the screening to support Ian and learn more about the campaign, which, if you're interested, can be be found by clicking HERE

Following a small but successful lunch in Oxford last year for ODs living in the area, we repeated this last week and 10 ODs and three wives gathered at The Bell at Hampton Poyle for a very enjoyable and noisy lunch. Those who joined were Chris Winearls (W, 1967), Chris Danziger (1958) and his wife Seonaid, Mathew Golesworthy (K, 2011), James Masey (F, 1983), Katie Hofman (nee Hutchings) (G, 1981), Tim Bravington (S, 1951) and his wide Rosemary, Duncan Hepburn (W, 1966) and his wife Moira, Mark Charnock (O, 1962), Rob Hutchings (G, 1982) and Nicky Bicket (F, 1973). The photo shows, from left to right, Chris Winearls, Duncan Hepburn and Mark Charnock. For more photos of the lunch, click HERE.

2015 is the silver anniversary of the 1990 matrics and to mark the occasion, Murray MacPherson (White) hosted the UK-based ODs  
to a pub lunch, RWC quarter-final viewing and an evening braai at his charming Berkshire home, wisely vacated for the weekend by his wife and children. The miracles of modern science allowed for real-time contact with their simultaneously-celebrating Cape Town contemporaries although even the advanced technology could not keep the increasingly blurry communication coherent. Present in the UK were: Murray McPherson, Caelim Parkes (Ogilvie), James Legg (Birt), James Deane (Birt) Gordon Robinson (Founders), Neil Orpen (Founders), Nic Cunningham (K, 1994), Richard Pontin (Birt), Dave Tordesillas (Kidd), Ant Marten (Founders), Neal Arnold (School), Marc Wilmott (White), Stephen Larkin (Founders),  Paul Ellis-Smith (K, 1995) and Nicky Bicket (F, 1973). For more photos, click HERE.
Please note that the year-end OD gathering in London, in the diary for 10th December, has been postponed to Friday 12th February. This is because many ODs have written to say that they are not able to attend as they will have already departed on their Christmas holidays. So, instead of a Christmas party, we will have a start-of-year one. Invitations will be sent out in January, but please do diarise the date for yourself and wife/partner.
In the news again is Stephen Larkin (F, 1990) who was recently interviewed on BBC radio in connection with his innovative work in alternate energy in Africa and how he is involving the communities in which he works in his projects. To listen to that interview, click HERE.
Mark Herringer (B, 1989) is doing wonderful things with the online geo-mapping of healthcare facilities around the world and making the details of each location easily accessible. Data is validated and services evaluated by users. Users will include governments, healthcare providers, patients, and disaster relief agencies. To date, his work has been in part supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The website can be accessed by clicking HERE
The Bishops Rhodes Scholars, while feted at School, are the sometimes forgotten constituency in the wider OD network. The "Rhodes must Fall"  
campaign which has been waged in South Africa and taken up at Oxford raises important moral and philosophical issues. This debate is not new and whatever one's position, the honour and transformative experience of the scholarship to one of the most   prestigious universities in the world cannot be denied.The UK-based Bishops Rhodes Scholars convened for dinner in November at the stylish and cosy Flyfishers' Club to share and enjoy their memories of Oxford and, importantly, discuss how they as a specific OD cohort can best give back to the Bishops. Present were: Malcolm Brown (G, 1978), James Gardener  (W, 1974), John Hodges (K, 2005), Steve Hofmeyr (O, 1973), Rob Knutzen (S, 1966), Chris Linegar (K, 2008), Graham Thomas (K, 1984), Jan van Zyl Smit (K, 1996). Also present were Niall Carroll (O, 1982) and Nicky Bicket (F, 1973). The photo above shows Chris Linegar, Graham Thomas and Jan van Zyl Smit. Other pictures of the evening can be found HERE.
A short while ago, Richard Duck (G, 1964) organised a game of golf for the the Senior ODs (loosely 55 and older) which other than the weather was a very happy and successful occasion. The picture shows: Mike Taylor (G,1959), Peter Arthur (W, 1965), Rob Simpson (S, 1968), Bob Trew (F,1952), Richard Duck and John Wyatt (seated) debating whether to lay in the torrential rain. Read Richard's full and amusing report HERE. As it turned out, so successful, in fact was this inaugural game, that the Senior ODs have been challenged by the Old Cranleighans (and here "old" may have an additional meaning). Depending on player availability, this will be on either Thursday 12th or Friday 13th May, 2016. The venue is the iconic Walton Heath in Surrey. Richard has the names of those that played in October, but should there be any golfers out there who would like to play (even if you think you're too sprightly) either get in touch with me or, preferably, directly with Richard.
This match is in addition to the already-slated return against the Old Tonbridgians which is to be played next year on Sunday 10th July at the RAC, also in Surrey. Golfers keen to play in that match should get in touch with Alex Price.
Tim Rideout (W, 1978) has sent in some rowing memories from 1977 and 1978, apparently something of a vintage year for Bishops rowing. The team photo above is from 1978 and the tankard (well-used) marks the achievements of the 1978 VIII. To see a clearer copy of the team photo click on the picture.

Tim has also become something of a whisky expert and professionally hosts tastings across the UK. Should any OD be interested in one of these either as a private or corporate event, Tim would be delighted to hear from you. You can email him by clicking HERE
2016 Seniors' Lunch
Friday 22nd January, 2016
Speaker and venue to be advised

ODU start-of-year 
Friday 12th February, 2016
(venue to be advised)
2016 Annual UK Dinner
Friday 1st July 2016
Next year's dinner will be held in London on Friday 1st July, 2016 with the Headmaster of Bishops, Guy Pearson, our guest of honour

Henley Royal Regatta
Wednesday 29th June 2016
Lunch and a day of rowing (watching) for ODs and partners at the Leander Club on the first day of this wonderful competition

OD vs Old Tonbridgian Golf Tournament
Sunday 10th July 2016
The next matches will be held at the RAC in Surrey (see box above).
For those of you who haven't seen the latest in OD memorabilia, the photo below, which can be enlarged by clicking on it, will give you an idea of what's available.

Ordering is through the ODU website or by contacting 
Delre O'Rourke in Cape Town
Lastly, if you have any news or are planning any event which you would like written about in this newsletter, please do get in touch with me.

Kindest regards

Nicky Bicket
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