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January 16, 2017

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Vote to Re-Elect SEAN MALONEY for NRA Board of Directors

Sean is the FOUNDER of Second Call Defense

Dear Friend,

My name is Dean Rieck and I'm the Marketing Director for Second Call Defense and Executive Director of Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio. 

If you're a voting member of the NRA, you will soon receive your ballot to elect the NRA Board of Directors. Your ballot will be in the February issue of your NRA magazine, which will start hitting mailboxes on January 23rd.

I'm voting for SEAN MALONEY, and I urge you to vote for him too. 

Sean Maloney for NRA Board of DirectorsAs you may know, Sean Maloney is the Founder of Second Call Defense. He started this organization because too many people were having their rights stepped on by ill-informed or politically motivated prosecutors, judges, and others.

Sean is endorsed by Buckeye Firearms Association as well as Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Ammoland, Dick Heller (DC vs. Heller), and Laura Carno (Founder, I Am Created Equal).

I've known Sean for years and have worked with him closely. And I can tell you there is no one who works harder to protect and advance your Second Amendment rights, not just in Ohio but nationwide.

Not only do I urge you to vote for SEAN, I urge you to vote ONLY for SEAN. This is called "bullet voting" and it means you vote for one person and one person only on your ballot. When you vote for multiple people, it dilutes the power of your votes. So please consider bullet voting for Sean. 

Sean is working every day to help ordinary gun owners exercise their rights, help good men and women get elected, and pass good laws to empower us all. 

>>> Please click here to learn more about SEAN MALONEY. Read his bio. You'll be impressed by just how hard he works for you.

Open your NRA magazine as soon as you receive it, and fill out the ballot. Follow the directions carefully to make sure your vote is counted. Don't put it off. Do it right away.

There are a lot of people running this year, and we need SEAN MALONEY on the Board now more than ever. 

VOTE for SEAN MALONEY for the NRA Board of Directors.

Yours for Freedom,
Dean Rieck 
Partner / Marketing Director