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The use of Deadly Force ... Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy

Use of deadly force is determined to be justifiable or not in the eyes of the courts and/or a jury. Of the many factors that come into play regarding use of force, the determination whether the use of force was justified or not, depends on the defendant demonstrating that three criteria were present in the incident: Ability, Opportunity and Jeopardy, or AOJ. For a more detailed discussion and practical examples of the AOJ principles, watch this seminar on Lethal Force and The Law by Second Call Defense CEO and Founder, Sean Maloney. Although the AOJ discussion begins at the 39:00 mark, the entire video is important for any firearms owner to watch. There are many books available on this subject as well. 
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Situational Awareness

How aware are you of your surroundings as you carry concealed? We carry concealed so that we can respond appropriately should a life or death encounter become unavoidable. If an attack happens without you being aware that it is developing, you are seriously behind the curve. How can you make sure you have appropriate situational awareness at all times?

Think about times when you’ve crossed an intersection in your car and someone has blown a red light, just narrowly avoiding an accident. Was it a surprise or did you see it coming?

Or, have you ever been surprised be a pedestrian crossing the street against the light? Have you ever been so tired or distracted you accidentally locked your keys in your car?

Alertness is a natural result of a defensive adult mindset. It’s important to be awake and alert wherever you go —walking in parking lots, walking in your neighborhood, or driving in your car— especially when you are carrying concealed.

Learn more about all conditions
Condition White - Condition White can be deadly to the person who lives there. Basically, you are oblivious to all that’s going on around you. Think of those people walking directly into traffic because they are staring at their smart phone. Don’t be Condition White
Condition Yellow – Condition Yellow is a state of relaxed awareness. Your net of consciousness is extended out in a 360-degree circle. Details are apparent —squirrels in trees, people waiting at a crosswalk a block away, the color of a particular motorcycle. This is the recommended baseline for situational awareness.
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