We hope you are having a great summer. Just in case you didn't get a chance to read the TexQuest article in the summer edition of The Texas Library Journal, here are some important excerpts. Get ready to take action on all of them. We will suggest how in our August newsletter.  Continue here for the full article.

TexQuest provides school librarians with an opportunity to update the perception of “databases.” The TexQuest program provides librarians with a chance to re-introduce library “databases,” as collections of print and visual resources, including e-books, full text magazines, digitized primary sources, website links, videos, images, and audio files, along with the magazine, journal, and newspaper articles that students and teachers already expect in the classic database.
Librarians provide their patrons with opportunities to access TexQuest resources in multiple ways.  While still providing the traditional access to online resources through the library webpage, librarians utilize creative methods, including social networks, to push access information out to their users. They share direct links to specific TexQuest products on district, school, library, and teacher webpages, along with icons and widget, and they help teachers integrate these same links into their classroom presentations and student assignments.
Librarians see TexQuest as an opportunity to band together as a community to provide Texas students with equal access to quality resources, no matter the size of the district. Librarians understand that the affordability of the new cost-share model is dependent on the participation of the entire K-12 community. They make sure that their patrons, and, as a result, their administrators and school board members, are aware of the program by displaying TexQuest logos on web pages and handouts, and promoting the program as well as the resources. 
Librarians take advantage of the opportunity to develop their role as professional development providers in their schools, districts, and communities with the TexQuest resources. TexQuest has a resource for almost every academic area/learning level, so librarians not only share the resources with large faculty and student groups, but match resources to small groups of users based on curriculum and needs. Working with smaller groups allows librarians to develop their professional development credentials exhibiting their knowledge of the curriculum and teaching methods. 
TexQuest gives school librarians opportunities to promote online resources as supplemental instructional materials.  Many librarians are able to support overburdened teachers with TexQuest resources by showing them resource features to lighten their load.  Along with searching for classroom presentation and enrichment materials by TEKS, librarians help teachers access the lexile search and read aloud features for RTI and special needs students, translate and download articles for ELL students, and access peer-reviewed materials and scholarly journals for GT and advanced placement learners. Educators, students, and their families are able to access instructional materials through the library 24/7 with TexQuest.
Librarians share their ideas with each other to provide opportunities for all Texas students to benefit from TexQuest. Through a program called TexQuest IPAs (Integration Promotion Activities), librarians submit ideas that were effective at their schools, and link to resources that they created to support and promote the TexQuest resources. In addition, librarians demonstrate their commitment to support teachers, as well as their student patrons, by bringing teams of teachers to ESC regional training sessions and actively participating in TLA sessions. 

Stay informed about program additions and changes. Sign up for TexQuest X-Press and share the link with all of your friends. The August issue will be full of links to ideas for implementing a successful 2nd year of TexQuest in your district. In the meantime, if you have questions,  don't hesitate to contact us.


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