Summer 2017 Issue

Team up for summer TexQuest training this year! This summer, share TexQuest with your curriculum team by inviting them to attend a training session with you at a regional Education Service Center, or invite a teacher to conduct a  session with you for your school, district, or area. Training is more fun (and less stressful) when you work together. Find resources, videos, recorded webinars, customizable slide shows, provider resources, and the Training Calendar under the Train tab at

Choose a Mini-conference location and bring your team! TexQuest mini-conferences are becoming a popular way to learn about TexQuest resources, share best practices with other TexQuest users, and start collaboration among curriculum teams. Professional trainers from most TexQuest providers conduct targeted sessions simultaneously, while un-conference, round table, and Q&A sessions give attendees opportunities to get the specific information they need. Mini-conferences are collaborative, fun, and FREE - and 6 CEUS are available! Registration links are now available on for the following locations and dates:
June 19      ESC-13, Austin
August 1    ESC-20, San Antonio
August 3    ESC-14, Abilene
August 4    ESC-10, Dallas
August 15  ESC-One, Edinburg
August 17  ESC-4, Houston
Sept. 15      ESC-6, Huntsville
Provider and curriculum-focused Texquest training will be offered at many ESCs this summer. Consider taking a team of educators for training at the locations below. Go to for the most current summer training calendar with links to sign up for all sessions. Find out more or request training in your region from your TexQuest ESC Contact. 

June  7    ESC-19, El Paso         TexQuest Town Hall (PM only)
June 20   ESC-3, Victoria            ProQuest, TeachingBooks, EBSCO
July  13    ESC-15, San Angelo    Curriculum Integration/ Town Hall
July  17    ESC-9, Wichita Falls    ProQuest, TeachingBooks, EBSCO
July  17    ESC-12, Waco             Curriculum Integration/ Round Table
July  27    ESC-18, Odessa          Team Up: Curriculum Connections
July  27    ESC-8, Mt. Pleasant    Britannica, Gale 
July  31    ESC-17, Lubbock         Britannica for Special Populations

Aug.   1    ESC-16, Amarillo          Britannica for Special Populations
Aug.   7    ESC-16, Amarillo          Team up: Curriculum Connections
Aug.   8    ESC-17, Lubbock         Team up: Curriculum Connections
Aug. 16    ESC-5, Beaumont         ProQuest, TeachingBooks, EBSCO
District TexQuest training is available via live webinars. Request up to one hour of focused training from individual TexQuest providers for groups of librarians or other certified educators. We can help you schedule live training webinars based on trainer availability. Could this be a way to reinforce TexQuest usage with your teachers during the school year? Training is designed and conducted for your specific audience. Fill out the TexQuest Training Request Form located at

Invoicing information is coming soon from TSLAC. Quotes for next fiscal year and TexQuest Participation Summary Reports will be sent by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in early summer. According to TSLAC, "If you need an estimated amount for budget planning, use the October 2016 ADA as reported to TEA and estimate the cost of TexQuest to be no more than 28 cents per student. At this time we don’t believe there will be an increase – more than the current 25 cents per student – but it is always safe to overestimate instead of underestimate the cost." For more information about invoicing, follow this link to Program & Invoicing FAQs.

Use CHALKDust to get TexQuest statistics for all TexQuest resources from All TexQuest providers. Your TexQuest statistics are a powerful indicator of which resources are being used by your teachers and students. Share them with your administrators and other stake holders in your annual reports, and use them to determine how and when to promote resources next year.

At the end of March  2017, TexQuest resources had almost the same number of  Record Views as the entire 2016/2017 school year. At this rate, we could double our Record Views for 2017/2018! 

See if your district/school has the same usage pattern by going to CHALKDust, the State Library's online statistics tool. For your convenience, TSLAC has provided videos on how to download and view your information. Access CHALKDust, definitions of each statistic, and information on requesting statistics from individual providers by following this link to TexQuest Statistics FAQs.

TexQuest providers team up  TLA Annual Conference. Thanks to our TexQuest providers for the great prizes and informational promotion at TLA this year. Participants visited every participating TexQuest Team member to complete a card. Congratulations to our winners:

Sharla Broussard, Navarro ISD, GoPro Hero + LCD Camera donated by Britannica Digital Learning

April McKinney, Whitney ISD, Apple Watch donated by ProQuest

Randi Furman, Calhoun County ISD, Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker donated by EBSCO

Linda Villareal, San Benito ISD, Fitbit Alta Activity Tracker donated by EBSCO

Danny Canales, Corpus Christi ISD, Personalized Book Bundle donated by

Camille Garza, Harlingen CISD, Chromebook donated by Gale

TexQuest members team up for presentations at TLA Annual Conference. From Hands on Labs to Concurrent Sessions, to one on one training in the Exhibit Hall TexQuest learning opportunities were present at TLA. Thanks to the great team of librarians from North East ISD in San Antonio, as well as Nicole Ellis from Lavernia ISD, for sharing how TexQuest is used and promoted on their campuses. If you were unable to attend, links to these sessions are available at

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