July 15, 2021
4clojure is dying! Long live 4clojure!
4clojure 4ever! 4clojure recreated using cljs and sci, executed in your browser.
4clojure solutions archive, also available on 4ever-clojure.
There are tons of ways to debug Clojure code and Dave takes us through a couple.
Calva supports rich comments. What are those? Well, we don't want to spoil it for you...
What even is a Reagent component? I don't know, but Thomas is going to make sure we find out.
One developer's harrowing tale of wins and woe during the programming contest held at the International Conference on Functional Programming.
Want to build a frontend app? This walkthrough really re-frames the problem for you. 😏
Peter shows us how to use Calva and how to go about teaching yourself the basics of Clojure.
Peter takes us on a gentle walk through solving the FizzBuzz problem in Clojure using Calva.
Ever wonder what makes Clojure's immutable data structures tick? Paula takes you to school with this excellent talk on just that.
Clojure is over 15 years old now (105 in dog years) so Rich sits down to give us a history lesson.
Stuart Sierra talks with Jacek about Component.
Learn about the future of deps.edn, Clojure builds, and the CLI.
Babashka 0.5.0 is out with some huge changes including built-in logging!
A cron iterator. No, I know it sounds like it but it is NOT a haskell data structure. This tool lets you iterate over time points using a cron-like format.
A whole slew of Clojure pre-releases including for a new build tool that integrates with deps.edn. Kick the tires, see what falls off, let's get this show on the road.
Monorepos are hard, their symphony often a cacophony, but this maestro aims to play all the right notes.
A Clojure replacement for PHP? Ok, you got me, I'm interested.
borkdude puts out yet another amazing command-line tool, this time using specter to process edn on the command-line.
Sometimes you need to take a good, hard look at yourself and figure out what's going wrong. This is as true for Clojure as it is for people. This library tries to make that a bit easier.
Antq hits 0.16.0 with experimental gradle support!
Find out who is hiring and land yourself a new gig.
At least 5 jobs involving clojure
They're looking for UK-based Junior and Senior Engineers to work remotely.
You'll need to work UK hours but they'll hire outside the UK.
Full stack Clojure/ClojureScript out of Austin/New York.
Remote Clojure position!
If you have four hour overlap with Sweden for working hours and would like to work remotely, this may be the job for you.

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