September 14, 2021
alpha2 just dropped with some interesting changes to look forward to. I feel like update-keys and update-vals will make the most difference day-to-day but I'm looking forward to the other quality of life improvements, too..
JDK 17 LTS is GA as of today! I see a couple different flavors in SDKMAN already. Relatedly, today I learned AdoptOpenJDK has moved to the Eclipse Foundation and can be found at Adoptium (and the runtime is now called Temurin instead of AdoptOpenJDK). It looks like we can expect them to release 17 around September 30th.
The second part of a series looking at how Component is used (and misused?) in Ardoq. Be sure to check out part one as well.
re:Clojure will be held virtually, December 3-4, and the call for papers is now open. You should give a talk! Yes, you. No, really, I mean you. Stop it, you'd do great! Send in your idea you've been sitting on already.
Pull up a chair and open your ears for a pretty little ditty about picking the right Clojure text editor.
Like some kind of reverse George Lucas Star Wars re-release, this cut of the classic Simple Made Easy talk has been re-edited from the original HD footage with the original slides and transitions to give it a much closer presentation to the original talk. I can't wait to see Han shoot first!
A lovely video duet on wiring up a ClojureScript frontend to a Clojure backend (even using Crux, soon to be XTDB).
Daniel interviews Alexander about Clojure performance and Clojure Goes Fast.
UI frameworks, especially cross-platform ones, have always been The Dream™. Nikita shares his thoughts on what an ideal next-gen UI framework might look like and all the lessons we might learn from other UI frameworks.
I love to hear broad stories of tools and tactics and growth and this post by Kari delivers. There are so many useful tidbits and resources within that this could be its own edition of Clojure Morsels.
Crux is being renamed to XTDB ("Cross-Time Data Base"). The crux (😂) of the issue is a trademark conflict. The migration guide looks fairly short and they tried to keep renames to a minimum so hopefully this means a smooth transition for most people.
Clojure zippers are powerful and yet there isn't very much official documentation available for them. Ivan remedies this with a deep look at zippers, how they work, and how you can use them. They truly are a functional pearl.
Fluent is hiring! This startup has already hired a two Clojure devs over as many months and are looking for one or possibly two more senior devs in a European timezone (or at least 2 hours overlap). So if you can do full stack, have a passion for backend, and have some DevOps chops then wow do they have just the job for you.
Find out which companies are hiring (and wanted to post to Reddit about it).
If you're looking for a senior position in the front or backend, Whimsical has you covered. Their philosophy is human-focused, which is always appreciated. Try not to procrastinate and just apply already!
It sure would be nice if using thread-last (->>) with transducer-supporting functions would automatically use them as transducers for you. Luckily Clojure has such a nice community that someone wrote a library just for that. Introducing injest, a library not made in jest. Be sure to take a look at the get-in improvements, too.
The 0.6.0 release I includes, paving the way for consolidation away from babashka.curl and org.httpkit.client.
"A library for doing static analysis of Clojure code, catching clojure.spec conform errors at compile time." 🙀
A plugin for Bukkit-based Minecraft servers that gives you goodies like an nREPL server, Clojure deps, and loading Clojure server modifications on boot. What a blockbuster release! 📦
The durable datalog database now supports a client/server architecture out of the box with RBAC baked in. This should greatly expand the use possible use cases.
This is a library for GraalVM to initialize Clojure packages at build time, specifically for the case of using native-image.
The Clojurists Together-supported releases are starting to roll out for many tools and here's one from holy-lambda, version 0.5.0. I love the rationale and summary for these changes, I have mad respect for the hard-earned clarity in that post.
A very impressive new library to handle interop between Scala and Clojure. Running Clojure on Akka sounds interesting.
Use Clojure for deep learning: this book walks you step-by-step from theory to implementation with actual, executable code.
Jacek has launched his latest Clojure course, Learn Datomic. On top of that, there is now a subscription model to give you access to all his courses for a monthly fee. Fire up your brains and get learning!
Learning Clojure can be tough. Lucky for us we have the volunteers over at Exercism! They have been hard at work on a new, beta "Concept Exercises" track for Clojure. With this you can use an in-browser editor with automated testing to learn the key concepts of Clojure, all for free! Peter Strömberg even put together a zero install interactive environment for use with the track if you'd like to use interactive development.
News, docs, and guides about high performance in Clojure. *bookmarks immediately*
There isn't a lot of material out there describing how to test CLJS apps, especially using headless browsers, and so this is a welcome blog post describing how to do that and more.
With a brief rundown of the breadth of features Datalevin includes, Dennis gives us a no-nonsense setup guide to running Datalevin as a server on your own instance.
Furthering our thaumaturlogical training on the incantations core to Clojure, Otavio reveals to us the secrets of let. Be bold, be brave, bewitch.
This is getting me excited for advent of code! How is it September, already? Luiz solves an ICPC challenge from a few years back using everyone's favorite language. Who wants to code golf this, too?
There are so many exciting projects getting funding, the future of Clojure is looking great! I'm so interested to see how PCP changes the landscape in the future.

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