July 30, 2021
The first stable release of the Clojure CLI featuring support for! Dig in, have fun, and report anything odd you run into.
A lengthy and vibrant discussion of how to handle complex data flows with errors. There's so much ex-info here, it's truly exceptional! 😉
Interview with the creator of ClojErl, Juan Facorro. The BEAM VM has a lot to offer and Juan makes the case for it well.
On this Cognicast episode Timothy interviews José Valim, author of Elixir. Listen in to find out why there's an Elixir in the first place, where it was inspired by Clojure, and what makes Elixir so powerful.
Using the GraalVM SDK to write an LMDB wrapper *without* using JNI!
Fogus shows how, with the release of, Clojure now has a batteries-included build story that is the result of combining a few different built-in components. Come along as a leiningen project is ported to these tools.
The prolific Borkdude takes us through Babashka tasks, a feature in the same vein as Make, just, etc.
You can do amazing, ambitious things! Julia weaves a tale of writing a Ruby profiler, something she had never done before, and in the process squashes the sorts of myths that might be keeping you from writing your own impossible programs.
Classic Rich. A talk from the very early days of Clojure that goes into a lot of the “why” behind the design choices in the language. Come for the Clojure, stay for the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Also, lions.
Write a Jupyter-like org file using Emacs and Clojure, including dependencies and creating SVGs. The best part? It's all in one file!
James walks us through how and why you should move your Clojure libraries to Maven Central in this excellent tutorial from the creators of Crux and other fine tools.
It seems like routing is everywhere in programming and that's just as true for the front-end. Daniel guides us through using a library called Bidi with re-frame to do client-side routing in ClojureScript.
This three-part series uses JavaScript as the point of comparison as it takes you through building a microservice in Clojure, writing tests for it, and running tests on CI.
Scale out your tests! Use Kaocha with parallel tests on Circle CI to speed up your test builds.
This full stack Clojure example app is using all the latest tooling, including the just released It's a fantastic example of a working, basic, full-stack Clojure app. As an added bonus it comes ready to deploy to Heroku.
I just learned about this project and it hit 0.4.40. It has some neat properties and could be used in places you might reach for SQLite, only you query it with datalog instead of SQL.
Use a top-level `tests` form to hold assertions and run them in your repl. I really like executable examples in-line with the code like this, it makes the namespace tell a story as you read it top to bottom.
Now defunct but still very interesting experiment undertaken to replace Clojure's core API.
The sibling to content-type negotiation, content-encoding negotiation can make a dramatic difference in your response sizes. This handy middleware will do gzip but will also negotiate brotli if you have the extra dependency installed.
Turn your Emacs org-mode files into interactive blog posts with Clojure(Script). The demo is so nice!
Patu is a ClojureScript library built on top of Kaboom.js to make it fast and fun to build games in the browser. The story by the name is so sweet, too: "Patu was the name of my grandmother's cow when I was little"
Want to use nREPL to run Clojure in a NodeJS process? This library has you covered. SCI just keeps paying off in big ways.
clj-kondo is back with a whole new superpower: macroexpansion! Now you have an alternative for linting macros (with some trade-offs).
Crux 1.18.0 lands with support for adding secondary indexes, lucene improvements, and the ability to query against a Corda blockchain. It's unexpected but a temporal database does seem like a natural fit for querying a blockchain.
Work for companies looking to stop or reverse climate change, or hire developers with that aim.
Griffin has the ambitious goal of being the AWS of financial services, a Bank as a Service, and is looking to fill a few different roles that involve Clojure.
gini, a fintech company out of Hong Kong, is hiring. They're looking for remote applicants with 4-hour overlap with GMT+8.
If you're a Clojure developer that could use a little funding to improve Clojure in areas shown to be important by the community, get your application in now!
An invitation to join the Scicloj community and contribute to imporant work being done on data science tools for Clojure and ClojureScript.
Clojure core functions with some helpful grouping to make it easier to find what you need.
Learn ClojureScript online without having to set up a your local environment.
The pros at Juxt compare and contrast many of the choices of JSON libraries in the Clojure world. Have a look and a think next time before you pull in your default!

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