August 16, 2021
There are many different kinds of beginners and many different ways they struggle. How can we improve our community by making it better for those who are new to it? How best can we plant trees under whose shade we may never sit?
TypeScript is the big hitter in the JavaScript world now and ClojureScript's place remains rather small in comparison.
Alex from Juxt explores writing mobile apps using ClojureScript with some of the new tooling available today. Check out the things he learned along the way and maybe it will help you with your next mobile app.
Adrian and Michiel explain how to combine SCI and GraalVM to run JVM Clojure on mobile devices.
The README claims this to be the fastest way for a ClojureScript coder to get started doing React Native development and encourages you to prove them wrong. They say it takes only three minutes. Anyone want to take this challenge?
The third edition of Web Development with Clojure was recently published and you can get your ebook copy for 40% off with the code DSWDCLOJ3COMPLETE.
Just getting started? Know someone that is? Here are a list of resources with the newcomer in mind.
Everyone knows that containers are eating the world, but do you know how to configure your JVM's memory for that right?
Blasphemy! Sacrilege! Heresy!! ... but... I kind of like it? Do you use commas like this?
Clojure's syntax can seem pretty strange to people not used to lisps. What kind of benefits do we get from this syntax in combination with Clojure's language features?
Avoiding circular dependencies is a must and Crispin outlines six approaches to stopping this problem when it pops up.
Learn how atoms are used in the world of ClojureScript by none other than the most excellent Jordan Miller.
Mey Beisaron shares her experiences building a Multiplayer Online Game in Clojure! I love these sorts of talks and Mey certainly delivers.
Watch as Kyle, a.k.a. Aphyr, unleashes Jepsen 13 and a component written in Clojure, Elle (linked to in the tools section), on a few popular databases to find inconsistencies.
Lots of highlights in this release but the main thrust is the change from a strictly-neutral SQL to supporting vendor-specific SQL. My favorite is that it now includes Postgres upserts with no extra libraries.
Not babashka, but a babashka-like tool for Node. It's very young but promising.
Store, query, and automatically normalize nested Clojure data. It seems to be a good middle ground between Clojure's data manipulation functions and full-blown DataScript.
Combine Clojure and htmx to throw together dynamic pages faster than you thought possible.
Ever wanted to control Docker or Podman from Clojure? Rahul has just the tool for you. And the best part? With an API generated using Swagger YAML, it's sure to be complete.
There are quite a few data exploration tools for Clojure but I haven't seen one quite like this. datawalk lets you step through your data like you're using a debugger.
Elle checks for transactional consistency in databases while treating them as a black box. See Kyle Kingsbury's talk in the talks section for more.
Have you ever wanted to find a form way back in your repl history but found it to be a pain? Dan sets out to solve this problem with grepl.
Working with JavaScript objects from ClojureScript can be quite painful and js-interop aims to ease that pain.
A tool that aims to help you develop Clojure systems at scale across multiple teams and services and environments.
Portal is another excellent data inspector and the UI is just 😚👌
An instant-start Clojure nREPL/prepl client written in... Go? Use it with rlwrap and you have a nice, quick-start repl client.
Reify Health just raised $220 MM and is hiring for so many engineering positions in so many locations, including remote. Wherever you are, if you're looking for Clojure work, this looks like a great time to apply.
WeFarm is hiring for a handful of different positions. The company aims to help small-scale farmers succeed.
An AJAXified TODO app written using babashka in only 231 lines of code. I'm impressed!
Are configurations part of the component system? Are things that consume configurations part of the component system?
A good discussion of what Reactive Values are and where you can find them in ClojureScript.
Sounds a bit like a language we all know, doesn't it?
Guess which language was in the top two for most loved?
Clojure continues the trend of being one of the top-paying languages our there.

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