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We're very excited to announce our new training stream!

As Breakthrough grows and expands, the requests we receive for training keep on increasing. So we've made some changes. As well as our one-off training courses on a variety of subjects, Breakthrough’s 1-year training course (for those looking to expand their knowledge on trauma and build on their practical skills in supporting survivors) will now be run as individual courses across the year. 

This means that people can dip in and out of the training and participate in the topics most relevant to them, or redo them as refreshers!
And our main training on Trauma Awareness and Trauma First-Aid will now be running twice a year. 

All 3 of our first training dates of the year will be run in Bath!
Here's all the info you need to book in!


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Mindfulness & Trauma - 15th February 2020
Survivors of trauma can often struggle to deal with difficult emotions, especially when triggered. This 1-day workshop is suitable for survivors, professionals and others involved in supporting survivors.

The course has a balance of teaching and practical mindfulness exercises throughout the day, helping you understand the role of mindfulness in treating trauma and the science and spirituality behind mindfulness, as well as the myths. Learn how to use mindfulness to ground distress, stabilise overwhelming feelings, and develop a greater tolerance to triggers.

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Trauma Awareness (for churches) (SST.101)
29th February 2020

Childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of trauma affect as many as 1-in-3 of us, often leading to lifelong difficulties. This 1-day introductory course is for survivors, supporters, or anyone looking to understand trauma and help those around them. We recommend this training for anyone and everyone! (This course has a faith focus in some areas as churches are involved in a lot of community projects, but you don't need to go to church to attend!)

Topics covered include:
• Different types of trauma
• How common is trauma?
• Trauma, the brain & the body
• The long term effects of trauma
• Recovery and healing

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Trauma First-Aid (for churches) (SST.102)
21st March 2020

Survivors often experience intense, distressing emotions. This 1-day course equips you to provide immediate help to someone who’s triggered or in crisis. It's suitable for anyone working/volunteering in the community, healthcare, social services or housing, as well as for friends, family or those supporting survivors of trauma. (This course has a faith focus in some areas as churches are involved in a lot of community projects, but you don't need to go to church to attend!)

Topics covered include:
• Understanding trigger responses
• Creating a trauma-informed spaces
• Identifying if someone's triggered
• Helping people to 'ground'
• Providing appropriate aftercare
• When & how to seek further help

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