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American Flatbread® NEW Meatless Evolution Pizzas 

American Flatbread® is dedicated to bringing frozen pizza consumers new and exciting options that are handmade with high-quality whole ingredients, no preservatives and no shortcuts. Their new meatless items are the next step in that evolution. Available in both vegan and non-vegan varieties, these items will provide shoppers with unique protein packed options on-shelf. Flavors include Vegan Pepperoni, Vegan Meat Lovers, Plant-Based Supreme and Plant-Based Pepperoni. For more information, visit 

Eggo Stuffed Pancake Bites 

Eggo is launching new Stuffed Pancake Bites! Eggo Stuffed Pancake Bites have a fluffy, pancake-like texture on the outside, with a warm, tasty filling on the inside. Bite-size, pop-able pieces make an ideal, convenient snack any time of day for the whole family. Available in two, 18-count varieties: Chocolate and Strawberry. For more information, visit

FatBoy® Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich

FatBoy is taking a new turn on an old classic with the FatBoy Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sandwich. Enjoy nostalgic deliciousness in every old school bite with creamy old fashioned vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two graham cracker wafers sure to remind you Life Never Tasted So Good! For more information, visit

FatBoy® Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Nothing soothes a sweet tooth quite like a sugar cookie, and FatBoy® Ice Cream is excited to introduce FatBoy® Sugar Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich to their everyday sandwich lineup. Thick and creamy sugar cookie ice cream that tastes just like bakery style frosting infused with tons of sprinkles sandwiched between two vanilla shortbread wafers takes you right back to those bakery style sugar cookies with a delicious ice cream twist. For more information, visit

FatBoy® Chocolate Chip Cookie Frozookie® Heat & Eat Dessert

Skip the skillet and enjoy the perfect warm chocolate chip and vanilla ice cream dessert in 90 seconds. You start by heating a golden brown chocolate chip cookie in your microwave, then comes the perfect scoop of FatBoy Premium Vanilla Ice Cream. Finish it all off with hot fudge and salty caramel topping and you have the new FatBoy® Chocolate Chip Cookie Frozookie®! Heat + Drizzle + Eat in 90 seconds. For more information, visit

FatBoy® Fudge Brownie Frozookie® Heat & Eat Dessert

FatBoy has taken Brownie Al a Mode and created the perfect 90 second masterpiece. You start by heating a decadent fudge brownie in your microwave, then comes the perfect scoop of FatBoy Premium Vanilla Ice Cream. Top it all off with hot fudge and salty caramel topping and you have the new FatBoy® Fudge Brownie Frozookie®! Heat + Drizzle + Eat in 90 seconds. For more information, visit

'This Is the Way' the newest snacks from Farm Rich!  

The snack and appetizer experts at Farm Rich have cooked up exciting frozen products, including fun snacks for kids…and the kid in all of us: Star Wars™ Cheesy Potato Tots and “Frozen 2” Breaded Mac & Cheese Bites. Shaped like The Child, the Tots are made with real cheddar cheese and potatoes covered in a whole grain rich coating. Mac & Cheese Bites come in snowflake and leaf shapes with 100% real cheddar cheese in a whole grain rich coating. For more information, visit

Farm Rich Sweet Onion Petals and Flame-Broiled Premium Beef Meatballs

The snack and appetizer experts at Farm Rich have cooked up exciting frozen products. Sweet Onion Petals are the latest restaurant-style appetizer from Farm Rich, with individual onion slices coated in seasoned panko breading, fried to a golden brown. The best part? They come with Aussie-style dipping sauce! Every freezer should have a bag of meatballs in it, including NEW Flame-Broiled Premium Beef Meatballs (100% beef and gluten free). Get your hands on these today! For more information, visit

Introducing Graeter's 2021 Mystery Flavor, Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream’s annual Mystery Flavor celebrates the addition of another flavor from the previous year’s bonus flavors. This year’s flavor is Caramel Macchiato. Graeter’s Caramel Macchiato transforms consumers’ favorite morning drink into their new favorite ice cream flavor — smooth coffee ice cream with crunchy toffee pieces and milk chocolate caramel truffles. The 2021 Mystery Flavor represents Graeter’s commitment to quality and, like all of Graeter’s other flavors, is handcrafted with the brand’s classic French Pots® in 2 ½ gallon batches. For more information, visit

Introducing Graeter's Perfect Indulgence Animal-Free Dairy Dessert

After 150 years of making the most irresistible ice cream you'll ever taste, the Graeter family is finally able to bring the same level of indulgence to an animal-free, lactose-free dessert. Using their signature small-batch, French Pot™ freezers, they handcraft Perfect Indulgence™ the same way they make their craft ice cream… right down to hand packing every pint by hand. Perfect Indulgence™ is available in six delectable flavors: Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip & Oregon Strawberry. Rather than the traditional dairy from cows or other animals, these proteins come from a process utilizing micro-flora fermentation. It's still dairy, it's just animal-free. For more information, visit

Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Nuggets

Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Nuggets, a fun new twist on a family favorite, now for breakfast! Each one is made with premium, seasoned, fully-cooked Jimmy Dean meats, real cheese and scrambled eggs, then lightly breaded. Full of flavor, and easy to prepare. Breakfast Nuggets are sure to become one of your family‘s morning favorites, too. For more information, visit

Jimmy Dean Delights® Plant-Based Patty & Frittata Sandwiches

Jimmy Dean Delights® Plant-Based Patty & Frittata Sandwiches deliver wholesome, plant-based protein without sacrificing taste or convenience. Each sandwich is layered with a spinach and egg white frittata, a breakfast patty made from beans, brown rice, quinoa and Jimmy Dean signature blend of seasonings, topped with a slice of real cheese and served on a whole wheat English muffin. For more information, visit

Jimmy Dean Delights® Skillets

Jimmy Dean Delights® Skillets are a quick and easy way to prepare a warm, delicious breakfast the whole family will enjoy. Just add 6 freshly cracked eggs to premium skillet ingredients such as fully-cooked, natural turkey sausage, seasoned vegetables, and real cheese. Perfect for busy mornings, Jimmy Dean Delights Skillets cook up in 15 minutes. For more information, visit

Jimmy Dean® Skillets

Jimmy Dean Skillets® are a quick and easy way to prepare a warm, delicious breakfast the whole family will enjoy. Just add 6 freshly cracked eggs to premium skillet ingredients such as fully cooked, signature seasoned Jimmy Dean breakfast meats, real cheese and seasoned vegetables. Perfect for busy mornings, Jimmy Dean Skillets cook up in 15 minutes. For more information, visit

Julian’s Recipe® - Passionately Crafted Foods

Julian’s Recipe® is the next brand from the founders of Terra® Chips and Alexia®. The company proudly manufactures and sells innovative, artisan, and nutritious frozen breakfast and bread items. Julian’s Recipe manages production both domestically and internationally, and the company’s product line includes on trend, gluten & grain free, protein fortified Cauliflower Waffles, Garlic & Truffle Butter Filled Baguettes, and Belgian inspired Brussels Style Waffles that are not only delicious, offer Paleo Friendly and Protein Packed options. For more information, visit

New InnovAsian Entrees 

InnovAsian is dedicated to bringing delicious, familiar modern Asian meals to make mealtime a breeze. They're excited to share their NEW Signature Spicy Chicken Entrée and Chinese-Style BBQ Pork Fried Rice Entrée. Whether craving something spicy at lunch or a flavor-packed rice for dinner, both new entrées will surprise and delight. Choose from these options or InnovAsian's full portfolio of Asian dishes and enjoy at your next InnovAsian occasion! For more information, visit

MorningStar Farms Chik'n 

MorningStar Farms is launching two new Chik’n Nuggets! MorningStar Farms Chik’n is 100% plant based and made with non-GMO soy, an ideal mealtime solution to satisfy the whole family. The bold new flavors include Sweet Mustard and Zesty Ranch. For more information, visit

MorningStar Farms Veggitizers 

MorningStar Farms is launching three new Veggitizers! 100% plant based and made with non-GMO soy make Veggitizers the perfect snack for the entire family. The three new varieties include Taquito Bites, Nacho Bites, and Spicy Popcorn Chik’n. For more information, visit

My/Mochi Coconut

Melt your mouths mind with My/Mochi Ice Cream. Pillowy sweet rice dough surrounding premium ice cream. Coconut is just that – the straight up creamy coconut flavor with tongue teasing textural bits for the ultimate textural adventure. For more information, visit
My/Mochi Guava

Let the mouthboggling begin with My/Mochi’s latest refresher. Premium ice cream cradled in a hammock of pillowy sweet dough. Guava My/Mochi Ice Cream puts you on a plane to destination delicious. For more information, visit
My/Mochi Horchata

Sweet and creamy meets melty and dreamy. Pillowy sweet rice dough around premium ice cream. Horchata My/Mochi Ice Cream sweet dreams meet cinnamon sensation in this south of the border refresher. For more information, visit

Perla Company Authentic Italian Pastry

The Perla™ Company is launching a Retail Box of their famous Authentic Italian Pastry! Now consumers can bake masterpieces inside their home. True Italian frozen puff-pastry ready to bake with an exclusive patented design; it is shaped like a leaf. Already filled with small apple bites and finished with sugar on top, it's a true novelty; well stuffed portions. It bakes straight from the freezer to the oven in 22-26 minutes at 375°F. Non-GMO, no preservatives, no hydrogenated fat, no trans fats, egg free, no artificial flavors, vegetarian, all-natural ingredients! No yeast. For more information, visit

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Bites 

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Bites bring delicious, 100% plant based snackable bites to adults and kids alike. Wildly satisfying, these bites are available in Buffalo and Sweet Barbecue flavors that pack a tasty punch straight out of the oven or microwave. Made with pea protein, Raised & Rooted plant based bites are a good source of protein and have 33% less saturated fat than traditional USDA white meat nuggets. USDA Standard Reference #22975 white meat nuggets. For more information, visit

SeaPak Coconut Cod

Set your clocks to island time with SeaPak’s exciting, delectable new fish offering, Coconut Cod! Wild-caught cod dipped in a crunchy coconut breading, these buttery pieces boast nine grams of protein in a single serving. Heatto crispy goodness in a flash using an oven, toaster oven, or air fryer, and then pair Coconut Cod with lemon garlic mayo, sriracha tartar sauce, or your favorite go-to dip for a tasty tropical treat! For more information, visit

Tattooed Chef Plant Based Meat Single Serve Entree Bowls

Tattooed Chef is excited to introduce a new line of innovative plant based meat, single serve bowls. The eye-catching packaging and edgy branding appeals to not just the younger, eco- and health-conscious consumers, but also to people seeking more wholesome, lifestyle foods. On the forefront of food trends, the products are vegetarian and loaded with plant based meat and protein. Health conscious foodies will appreciate these rich–in-flavor recipes. Available in 3 Varieties: Plant Powered Burrito Bowl, Plant Powered Pizza Bowl & Plant Powered Breakfast Bowl. For more information, visit

Tattooed Chef Vegan Plant Based Pizzas

Tattooed Chef is launching a new line of 12oz Cauliflower Crust Vegan Plant Based Pizzas! Everyone loves Pizza! Due to the popular demand of their Cauliflower Crust 17 oz. pizzas, the new line of 12 oz. Cauliflower Crust Vegan pizzas is a “must”. Choose from a range of 5 varieties; each one is more delicious than the next! Enjoy as an indulgence, without the guilt. Available in 5 Varieties: Cheese Pizza, Plant Based Pepperoni Pizza, Spinach White Pizza, Roasted Veggie Pizza and Meatless Meat Lover Pizza. For more information, visit

Totino's Pizza Stuffers

Totino’s Pizza Stuffers bring soft crust pizza to you faster through quick, two-minute microwave prep. Its soft, flakey crust tastes great right out of the microwave and the inside is the same delicious Totino’s sauce we all know and love. Stuffers come in two different flavors (Triple Cheese and Pepperoni) and two different sizes (4ct and 8ct). For more information, visit

White Castle® Chicken Breast Sliders Have a NEW Look!
Yes, the Castle has chicken! With a fresh new look and same restaurant quality taste, White Castle Chicken Breast Sliders are made with 100% white meat and topped with their signature bun to satisfy even the biggest crave. These tender Chicken Sliders are packed with flavor that will take you to your happy slider place. From their Castle to your freezer. It’s What You Crave!® For more information, visit

NEW Activia Vanilla 32oz Tubs - Launching June 2021
At Activia, they're on a mission to help you feel good, starting from the inside. And with their 20 years of devotion to gut health, they make loving your gut easy. Finally, America’s #1 Gut Health Brand is launching a large format version so you can enjoy the deliciousness of their Vanilla flavor paired with their billions of live and active probiotics – in the comfort of your own home. Simply mix-in your favorite super seeds or fruit for some added goodness! For more information, visit
Aidells® Pork and Beef Meatballs 

Aidells® Pork and Beef Meatballs – all natural, fully cooked beef and pork meatballs made with high quality ingredients. These chef inspired meatballs come in a savory flavor of fire-roasted tomato and romano cheese! Simply heat the meatballs and enjoy as an entrée or as a side to your meal! For more information, visit
Aidells® Sausage Links 

Aidells® Sausage Links are made with unique flavors of Aidells smoked sausage, now in beef! Enjoy this all natural 100% beef, cotija cheese & fire-roasted poblano flavor as your favorite entrée. Simply heat sausage and enjoy hot for lunch or dinner! For more information, visit
Ball Park® Fully Loaded Nacho Cheese Franks 

Ball Park® Fully Loaded Nacho Cheese Franks – indulgent, savory, flavor-forward hot dogs with unique seasoning and cheese blend, bringing a hot dog experience that can’t easily be recreated at home! Simply heat and enjoy with or without a bun as your favorite lunch or dinner! For more information, visit

Jimmy Dean® Family Pack Links & Patties

Jimmy Dean® Family Pack Links & Patties are larger pack sizes made to entice the value-oriented consumer looking to buy in larger quantities and save. Jimmy Dean fully cooked pork links and patties provide consumers a convenient way to create their favorite breakfast meals in as little as 40 seconds to help fuel their busy day. Each pork patty package contains 16 pieces of fully-cooked signature Jimmy Dean sausage patties in 4 separate stay fresh packages. Each pork sausage link package contains 24 pieces of fully-cooked signature Jimmy Dean sausage links in 4 separate stay fresh pouches. For more information, visit


Incogmeato is launching three new breakfast items! Incogmeato offers a just like meat experience, 100% plant based, and made with non-GMO soy to deliver complete protein. With less saturated fat than traditional pork sausage, Incogmeato is a perfect breakfast solution for the whole family. The three new varieties include Breakfast Sausage Links, Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, and Ground Breakfast Sausage. For more information visit

International Delight Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles

One of the leading coffee creamer brands, International Delight consistently delivers unique, exciting flavors that coffee lovers crave. In celebration of PEBBLES cereal’s milestone 50th birthday year in 2021, the coffee creamer brand is bringing the signature flavors of the classic PEBBLES cereals from the bowl to the coffee mug. New Fruity PEBBLES™ and Cocoa PEBBLES™ Coffee Creamers are available now at retailers nationwide for a limited time. For more information, visit

New International Delight Zero Sugar White Chocolate Mocha
International Delight is adding a delicious new flavor to its lineup of Zero Sugar Coffee Creamers: White Chocolate Mocha! Now coffee lovers can enjoy all the flavor of rich white chocolate in their at-home morning routine, without any of the sugar – or a trip to the coffee shop! For more information,

Nutpods 25.4oz Cartons

nutpods is bringing you More to Pour! Introducing their larger 25.4oz refrigerated cartons available at retail locations nationwide. These come in their fan-favorite core flavors of Original, French Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut and are always zero sugar. These new products join their classic 16oz refrigerated line and their 11.2oz shelf stable products. For more information, visit

Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls 

Pillsbury Cornbread Swirls offer the easiest solution to homemade cornbread taste! Cornbread is on trend and is perfect for serving with chili or barbecue meals. For more information, visit

Pure Leaf Cold Brew: Crisp Lemon and Tropical Mango

Pure Leaf Cold Brew teas have an exceptional reputation for delivering a high-quality product at a great value. Pure Leaf introduces two Cold Brew 59oz products to the chilled section: Crisp Lemon and Tropical Mango. With a unique brewing process and proprietary blend, Pure Leaf Cold Brew is set to provide that satisfying smooth taste. For more information, visit

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Burgers and Ground

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Burgers and Ground are bringing you all the flavor, with none of the beef. Simply fire up the grill or skillet for a tasty, better-for-you meal the whole family will love. Made with pea protein, Raised & Rooted plant based burgers and ground are an excellent source of protein and have 75% less saturated fat than 80% lean/20% fat beef. For more information, visit

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Sausages

Raised & Rooted™ Plant Based Sausages are a versatile addition to your dinnertime routine that will leave the whole family wanting more. Expertly seasoned in Italian and Bratwurst varieties, these sausages can be cooked to juicy perfection on the grill or skillet. Made with pea protein, Raised & Rooted plant -based sausages are a good source of protein and have 75% less saturated fat than USDA pork sausage. USDA Standard Reference Italian (#7036) and Bratwurst (#7015). For more information, visit

Sargento Balanced Breaks Cheese & Crackers
Sargento® Balanced Breaks® Cheese & Crackers bring together real, natural cheese with your favorite crackers to create a classic snack that's easy to enjoy at home, at work or on-the-go. Next time hunger strikes, do more than have a snack, make it a true break. For more information, visit

Sargento Creamery Shreds and Slices

Sargento® Creamery Shreds & Slices is a line of real, natural cheese that delivers an amazing melt thanks to the simple addition of real cream. These cheeses add unbeatable creamy texture with simple, recognizable ingredients. Creamery slices and shreds are the perfect choice for those cozy, indulgent, at-home meals. Plus, the convenience of pre-sliced and shredded cheese offers quick and easy time-saving prep to keep life simple. For more information, visit

Introducing Silk® Oatmilk!

Inspired by the creaminess of milk, Silk found oats and lost the moo. They crafted this recipe for creamy taste, starring the goodness of oat. This craveable take on the humble oat transforms your morning Joe, your cereal, your cookie-dunking habit, and so much more. Silk also restores water to rivers drop for drop, putting back what is used to grow their oats. For more information, visit

Silk® Toasted Hazelnut Creamer 

NEW from America’s #1 almond creamer brand*—Silk Toasted Hazelnut Almond Creamer. Indulge in smooth, toasted hazelnut flavor blended with lusciously creamy almondmilk. Rising and shining just got a whole lot easier. For more information, visit
Silk® Ultra with 20g of Complete Plant-Based Protein
Silk ULTRA is one of the first multi-serve beverages on the market with 20 grams of complete plant-based protein per serving for muscle maintenance and repair. It’s also an excellent source of calcium and vitamins A and D, as well as vitamins B2 and B12, which help your body turn food into energy. Better yet, Silk ULTRA has a smooth and delicious finish without the chalky, gritty taste people often associate with protein supplements and beverages. Available in 59-oz multi-serve cartons in 3 delicious flavors: Unsweet, Original, and Chocolate. For more information, visit
Starbucks Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream 
Starbucks® is dedicated to delivering signature products that fit seamlessly into any daily routine. Inspired by the new cafe favorite, Starbucks Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream starts with bold cold brew and layers in a touch of vanilla sweet cream for a truly unique experience without all the calories. This café-inspired Cold Brew is only 90 calories per 12oz serving. For more information, visit

Starbucks® Vanilla Iced Coffee 
Starbucks® is dedicated to delivering signature products that fit seamlessly into any daily routine. Their flagship Starbucks® Iced Coffee is back with a flavorful twist; the morning pick me up you expect, now with a pop of vanilla and sweetened to perfection. This café-inspired coffee contains only 10 grams of sugar per 12oz serving and is made with natural flavors. For more information, visit
SToK® Bright & Mellow Cold Brew Coffee

STōK’s new light roast Bright & Mellow Cold Brew Coffee is here. Lighter roasts mean complex flavor. They let the Arabic beans mellow out and open up for an intriguing cold brew that’s surprisingly refreshing. You might be able to pick up citrusy, stone fruit notes, or maybe you just want a super drinkable brew to get the gears turning. And, yes, it’s still bold. Think vibrant. Bright. Full of character. Mellow? Yes. Boring? Never. For more information, visit
Tazo Calm 
TAZO Chilled Teas are all about refreshing in unexpected flavor and bold blends. TAZO is pleased to introduce a new addition to its line-up, TAZO Calm. With a soothing infusion of chamomile and herbs, this caffeine-free, herbal blend is perfect for your moment of calm, any time of day. For more information, visit

Treeline Cheese NEW Cashew Based Slices and Shreds

Treeline Cheese believes that plant-based products should not just replicate their traditional counterparts but should be healthier alternatives. Treeline is proud to announce an extension to their current award winning portfolio with new plant-based, dairy-free Slices and Shreds. These new cheeses melt just like dairy but have at least 65% less Sat Fat than dairy and leading plant-based competitors. Treeline uses premium, non tropical oils such as Expeller Pressed High-Oleic Sunflower Oil, as well as traditional dairy cheese-making methods starting with culturing cashew nuts to create cheeses that have a creamy consistency, a smooth texture, and a rich flavor normally associated with dairy cheeses. Treeline Slices and Shreds are vegan, gluten-free, and certified non-GMO and Kosher Parve. Flavors include Cheddar, Mozzarella, American, and Pepper Jack. For more information, visit

Tropicana Premium Drinks 
Tropicana is excited to announce four new delicious premium drink flavors, grounded in brightness and fun. These flavors include: Pina Colada, Summer Berry Bliss, Strawberry Kiwi Sunrise and Caribbean Sunset. Tropicana Premium drinks will bring you a refreshingly bright taste of the tropics for any occasion, available in both 52oz and 12oz. For more information, visit

NEW Two Good’s Good Save

Introducing Two Good® Good Save™ yogurt in Meyer Lemon and Pumpkin flavors. Good Save is a first-of-its-kind lowfat yogurt made with Verified Rescued Fruit in partnership with food-rescue start-up Full Harvest. They rescued fresh meyer lemons and pumpkins that would have otherwise been left in the field due to overproduction, or not sold to retailers due to cosmetic inconsistencies. Good Save: Made with surplus fruit, not surplus sugar*. For more information, visit*Not a low calorie food.

Wewalka Flatbread

Wewalka Flatbread is like a canvas for your culinary artistry! Rectangular and thinner than pizza crust, it is ideal as the base for a snack, appetizer or entrée. Delicious with pesto sauce or alone, you can also top with fresh seafood, chicken, pork, beef, fresh vegetables – even yesterday’s leftovers. And it bakes great on the grill as well as in the oven. Like all Wewalka products, it’s made without bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors or hydrogenated oils. For more information, visit

NEW YoCrunch with M&M’S® Peanut Chocolate Candies Launching May 2021
YoCrunch® is excited to share the launch of their newest item, YoCrunch® with M&Ms® Peanut Chocolate Candies! This item pairs the oh-so-delicious taste of YoCrunch® vanilla lowfat yogurt plus the mouthwatering, colorful fun of crunched up M&M’S® Peanut Chocolate Candies, giving you a uniquely craveable pairing! This product contains yogurt cultures and has added Vitamin D. It’s great as a snack, dessert or as part of a meal! YoCrunch is Great Yogurt, Real Fun®. Available in a 4oz 4pk. For more information, visit  ©2021 Mars or Affiliates. M&M’S Trademarks used under license.
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